Mars VS Venus Critique of a Groom’s Look

Usher on Mars vs. Venus

Usher on Mars vs. Venus

Mars thinks  There aren’t many occasions that would allow one to attempt this look. Well, if you’re from Harlem, this could be what you wear on a random Tuesday afternoon. The powder blue suit works well for Spring, Summer, and beach weddings. I’d suggest a bow tie or none at all. However, without a tie I would undo the top button. Overall, this outfit gets the thumbs up from your favorite cousin. Drivers or loafers would be my shoe of choice. What say you????

Venus thinks  Usher clearly likes it his way and I don’t blame him! This suit worn by Mr. Raymond is stunning. Ladies, just imagine if your groom suggested a powder blue suit for the ceremony. In so many not so nice words you’d probably tell him he’s lost his mind. A quick glance at this red carpet look and I’m sure you’ll have a change of heart. Considering a similar look? Fellas please leave your white tuxedo shoes home (this is not the look for them). This suit can be casual or formal with the simple addition of a tie or bow-tie. This is a perfect ceremony look and may even be a bachelor party top pick!

Do you like Usher's powder blue suit for a groom's wedding ceremony?

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  1. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    At first glance this looks like an 8 year-old boy’s Easter suit. But the more I look at it, the more I like it. I do wish I could see what kind of shoes Usher rocked w/ this look. I also agree with Mars on the addition of a tie or unfastening the top button. Final verdict: Grooms that can own this look should go for it…Why not?
    Sidebar: LMBO at the Harlem reference Mars made.

  2. Avatar SpikesDtr says:

    This look seems too juvenile to me.

  3. I like the suit, but I don’t know about a groom wearing it during a wedding ceremony.

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