Halle Berry is seen in Midtown on November 18, 2015 in New York City.

Halle Berry rocking this wrap dress in New York City! What do you think?

Mars thinks – Wouldn’t any outfit look great on Halle while she holds my arm? Just kidding…well…sort of. I like this dress, but it doesn’t have any WOW effect for me. By no means would I be bothered if my wife wore this on an upcoming date night, however I can probably quickly think of two or three dresses in her closet that would make standing after dinner a bit awkward for me (sorry for painting a picture). Let’s temporarily forget rumored personality and potential insecurity issues. HOW HAS HALLE STAYED SO HOT FOR SO LONG?

Venus thinks – I absolutely love this look! So cute, comfortable, and perfect for your next fall date night. Whether you’re heading out with the girls or spending quality time with “bae” this wrap dress worn by Ms. Berry will suffice. Ladies, in case your trying to stay out of your stiletto replace it with a boot with a lower heel. What do you think?                           

Check out what Mars and Venus had to say two weeks ago here.

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    1. She continues to look gorgeous. I love the dress.

    2. It’s okay. Halle looks fantastic.

    3. Halle’s body is sick — especially after popping out two children, one of them post-40. Am I the only person who thinks her face looks weird in this pic? Of course she’s gorge but this isn’t the most flattering image or dress on her, imo. As a date night look…Eh.

      @Marilyn & SD – Thanks for commenting.

    4. @Bridgette, you’re not alone…I thought that was Julia Roberts until I read the caption! She’s gorgeous and exudes confidence and freedom. Whenever I see her in pics, she looks like she knows she belongs in glamorous settings. This dress is Meh for me. It seems overly drapey

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