Bridgette’s Pick of the Week: Top 2016 Wedding Trends

Russell Westbrook marries college sweetheart Nina Earl

NBA player Russell Westbrook + college sweetheart Nina Earl on their wedding day in 2015. 2016 promises more memorable weddings!

Guess what? Today, Thumbtack released their 2016 Wedding Trends Report — the largest survey of U.S. couples getting married this year. The company receives more than 320,000 personalized requests for wedding services each year. This 2016 study reveals some interesting findings. Take a look of the highlights and use some of this valuable research to help you plan your own wedding!

2016 Wedding Trends:

  • Weddings will cost 20% more in 2016 than they did last year, with services like catering, decor, planning, and beauty prep totaling just over $12,000 on average.
  • Social media-ready extras like shareable mementos and cinematic videography are on the rise: 68% of couples want short highlight videos for social sharing, and 97% of photobooth requesters want guests to get print copies as souvenirs.
  • Wedding beauty goes big in 2016, with a 75% increase in “glamourous” makeup requests for things like false lashes (75%) and airbrushing (53%).
How has/will social media impacted your wedding planning?

Social media will continue to play a major role in 2016 nuptials.

The new theme is no theme: Couples are increasingly focusing on small details — not big themes — to set their weddings apart.

  • Highlight videos are hotVideographers are seeing an 8% uptick in requests for highlight videos, which incorporate personalized messages from guests and are created for social sharing.
  • Laser-cut details are everywhere — Featured on invitations, place-cards, and even place mats, laser-cutting will be especially popular.
  • Cupcakes aren’t going anywhere — 10% more couples will feature cupcakes for dessert in 2016, compared to 2015, showing that this personalized touch has staying power.

2016 couples are upping the ante: This year’s couples are spending noticeably more on wedding essentials compared to 2015.

  • 20% increase in spending — The average couple will spend about $2,000 more on average, with much of that going to a more upscale dinner experience.
  • Formal receptions on the rise — For 2016 weddings, there’s been a 26% increase in couples requesting servers for formal dinner receptions, and a 32% increase in couples requesting plated meals.
  • Traditional tiers — Cakes are also getting taller than ever, with a 55% increase in couples requesting a 3-layer cake this year compared to last year.

Big, bold visuals have arrived: From wedding decor colors to bridal beauty looks, expect 2016 weddings to feature big visuals.

  • Glam beauty — There’s been a 75% increase in brides requesting glam hair and makeup, with touches like highlights, contouring and bold lip colors.
  • Beyond natural — The data shows a 70% increase in requests for false eyelashes and airbrushing. There’s been a 15% increase in brides planning to wear a classic veil.
  • Bright palettes — Popular colors this year include bursts of reds and bright blues, along with pops of yellow as an accent, and gray neutrals to hold it all together. Metallic accents stay popular this year, emphasizing the glam factor.
Tina Knowles poses at her wedding with her favorite ladies

Glam Squad: Tina Knowles poses at her  2015 wedding with her favorite ladies. Bold lips and dramatic lashes will remain a fave for brides this year.

Regional Differences

  • Northeast and Mid-Atlantic affairs tend to be more expensive: This higher cost is most often driven by formal dinners and a large number of guests. In New York, 33% of couples request plated dinners. In Washington, D.C., 48% of couples request hors d’oeuvres.
  • Midwestern states throw the biggest weddings: Weddings are the biggest in Midwestern states like Minnesota and Wisconsin, where over 60% of couples welcome 100+ guests. The smallest weddings are in destination wedding locations like Hawaii, where 43% of couples welcome fewer than 20 guests.
  • BBQ and Mexican catering vs. Italian and American cuisine: Italian and American food are crowd pleasers at weddings across the country. However, both Kentucky and South Carolina prefer BBQ. Unsurprisingly, Mexican is popular throughout the Southwest, with 43% of couples in New Mexico requesting Mexican food.

Top 5 Most Expensive States to Get Married 

  1. Connecticut
  2. New York
  3. District of Columbia
  4. Rhode Island
  5. Pennsylvania

Top 5 Least Expensive States to Get Married

  1. Missouri
  2. Nevada
  3. Arizona
  4. Kentucky
  5. Utah

View the entire report here + check out my last Pick of the Week here. Always remember to follow Triple B on Instagram and Twitter for constant wedspiration!  

[Top photo courtesy of PEOPLE magazine.]

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