Mars vs Venus Critiques Groom and Groomsmen Attire

Nas & Maxwell after performing in Brooklyn on Valentine's Day

Nas & Maxwell after performing in Brooklyn on Valentine’s Day

Mars thinks – I’ve exhausted all ways of complimenting a well tailored classic black tuxedo. This is still one of the most elegant looks for a groom to tie the knot. I have firsthand proof that one can’t go wrong wearing this timeless option – my wife couldn’t take her eyes off of Nas during his February 14th performance in Brooklyn. Yup…BUSTED! Maxwell decided to veer off to the left just a bit with his suit selection. I think it works for him and could also work for select groomsmen. It should also be fairly easy to match this to a dress color that wouldn’t make the bridesmaids cringe. Overall, I think these two totally different looks work well for the individuals wearing each suit.

Venus thinks  – I don’t think any groom would ever be able to pull off this burgundy tux, but I think the right bachelor party could pull off this daring look. This a great look for a groom who’s going for something a little non-traditional. The white shell isn’t my favorite but it can’t always be replaced with a black or brown collared shirt. Mr. Jones always gives us a classic black tux and that will work as well. I do love the accent gold chain, a little edgy don’t you think?

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Photo taken from Nas’ Instagram page

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  1. Nas looks fantastic as usual. However I’m not feeling Maxwells color selection. It does appear to be a great fit, which is always a plus.

  2. I wouldn’t change a thing about Nasir’s look. It is a very classic yet stylish getup for any groom. The bowtie adds a bit of playfulness. I like Maxwell’s suit as well but not many grooms or groomsmen will opt for such a bold color choice. But for the select few who do, fit is definitely key.

    P.S. – @Mars, go easy on your wife. ;-0

  3. I like both suits, but I don’t think a wedding is the time to wear Maxwell’s.

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