What did you think about Kelly's white jumpsuit at BGR 2016?

What did you think about Kelly’s Brandon Maxwell jumpsuit at the 2016 Black Girl’s Rock Awards?

Mars thinks – I may need to find a new housing situation if I share my unfiltered first thought. Whoa. Last year I discovered that I like jumpers/rompers. I think I love them now. This outfit gets my approval. I have no doubt that the bride-to-be would be the center of attention wearing this jumper to her bridal shower/brunch.

Venus thinks – Ms. Kelly is back! Maybe a little more cleavage than we would like, but you can’t deny she looks incredible. This white jumpsuit would be awesome look for a bride attending her bridal shower/brunch. It is the perfect combination of simple and sexy.

Check out what Mars and Venus had to say last week here.

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  1. Avatar SpikesDtr says:

    Besides the boob attack,this look is awesome.

  2. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    I’ve met Kelly Rowland a couple of times and think she’s one of the rare people who looks even better in person than she does on tv/in pics. She’s freakin’ gorgeous. Her skin is ridiculous. Her body is crazy. So it is hard for her to look bad in anything, imo. All of this wonderful praise aside, I like the jumpsuit but don’t “love” it for a bridal shower brunch. I’m confused by the pant hems. It cheapens the entire ensemble. Professional tailoring can make or break a look. But with those perky boobs, I guess no one is really looking at her pant legs, huh? LOL

  3. Avatar idismith says:

    bridal shower brunch? really?

    in general, the more (body parts) one reveals, the sexier the “statement.” with this outfit, i’m left wondering what (her) statement is (“my boobs are perfect, so “eat your heart out…” or, if straight men are attending, “…sorry your gift is so small it can fit on a table alongside the other little gifts, unless, of course, you’d prefer to gift me a rolls royce… .”

    what i’m trying to say is, do not duplicate this outfit at any kind of “shower” unless you want trouble and are just trying to hurry things along, or you are an entertainer and (therefore) want trouble and want to hurry things along (while wearing white, no less).

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