Naturi Naughton shows the POWER of a little black dress.

Naturi Naughton shows the POWER of a little black dress.

Mars thinks – I guess it is now clear why I watch Power. In my opinion, this would be a wonderful selection for a date night with the hubby. The sexy top combined with the fit and length of this dress will remind most husbands of whatever initially prompted him to drop to a knee years ago. This seductive frock tip toes the line, but remains on the tasteful side. The bright red persuasion pumps properly completes the look.

Would you wear this on your next date night?

Venus thinks – Naturi Naughton aka Tasha St. Patrick is working this black party dress! Looks like she might be heading over to Truth to give Ghost a piece of her mind. My favorite part of this look is definitely the red shoe. Ladies take notes for your upcoming date night and those ladies who are a little more conservative try a little black dress without the cutouts.

Check out what Mars and Venus had to say about wedding fashion last week here!

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    1. SpikesDtr says:

      Looks like something from 50 Shades…

    2. Now that is how you are suppose to do a date night!

    3. idismith says:

      what numbered date is this? may i suggest an armed escort?

    4. idismith says:

      …oh: and who cares about the shoes. with this dress, she can wear slippers.

    5. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      @idismith – LMBO @ the slippers comment!


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