What are your thoughts on Keke Palmer's white jumpsuit?

What are your thoughts on Keke Palmer’s white jumpsuit?

Mars thinks – Oh my…Akeelah has grown up. This outfit looks extremely comfortable, has major sex appeal, yet doesn’t give off the impression of trying too hard. This definitely gets the thumbs up from me. Great for summer nuptials or to wear to your next destination wedding. I’m sure Venus can advise on how to best accessorize this look. To please me, just throw on some high uncomfortable shoes that make those calves “pop.”

Venus thinksLet’s take these nuptials to the beach! This look alongside her sleek cut is timeless. I love the silver sandal and pant splits. This look by ALIX is perfect  for a beach bride or guest of the bride and groom. I would probably add a choker, but the look can definitely go without it.

Check out what Mars and Venus had to say about wedding fashion last week here!

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  1. Avatar SpikesDtr says:

    I agree with everything stated. Love this simple but elegant style, perfect as is.

  2. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    Come thruuuuuu, Keke! Everything abut this look–from the bomb short haircut, minimal yet prettiful makeup, sleek jumpsuit, sexy shoes–is hot. Excellent choice for a bride to wear to any of her big functions leading up to the wedding or even the big day itself depending on venue/time of day/bride’s style.

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    I like the dress but it is too simple for a wedding dress. I will prefer something more elaborate. I love attention. ;-)
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  4. Avatar Anonymous says:


  5. Wow. She looks amazing.

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