Tie the Knot Tuesday – Courtney + Chris

Meet the Bratleys!

Meet the Bratleys!

We stumbled upon today’s featured video trailer online while finishing up research for another story and discovered a gem. It had to be shared here on Black Bridal Bliss! Courtney and Chris are a couple with such infectious personalities. Their chemistry is palpable on camera. What really reeled us in was how Courtney detailed the ways Chris supports her goals and dreams; encouraging her to be even more ambitious. And that he can always make her laugh. All this bliss was captured by Pope Weddings; a great resource for wedding-related videography. What a creative way to “save the date” with loved ones.



Check out more real weddings that made us swoon here! Did this video give you feel-good vibes? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Yes. Yes. YES! This is beautiful. I agree, you can truly see the love they have for each other. Thank you for bringing back the Tie The Knot series. It gives me hope & helps me to smile in this crazy world.

  2. Cousin Mars Cousin Mars says:

    Watching this video was refreshing. I, too, am a believer that laughter can be a Major Key in a successful relationship.

  3. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    @Tonya – You are so welcome! Stay tuned for more; happy to know you enjoyed the video.

    @Mars – Agreed. ;-)

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