A look fit for a queen! Check out what Mar's and Venus has to say about Beyonce's slay on Mar's VS Venus!

A look fit for a queen! Check out what Mars and Venus has to say about Beyonce’s slay on Mar’s VS Venus!

Mars thinks – Hmmmm. It actually took me a moment or two to determine whether or not this look would get my thumbs up. Well, I’ve decided it does. In fact, I went from unsure to HOT! Perhaps the big hat initially threw me off. Now I see how each piece (garment) of this puzzle helps to create a great finished product.

Venus thinks – Beyonce has taken the church hat to another level! I love the suit detail and am a huge fan of the hat mostly because I’d avoid a trip to the beautician. I’m not sure what occasion this look would be appropriate for , but I’m thinking a derby themed bridal shower/brunch. What do you guys think?

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  1. I would prefer a different hat. Other than that, it gets a passing grade.

  2. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    This def isn’t my fave outfit choice for a bride-to-be’s bridal shower. However I do like it for a date night ensemble (hat included).

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