The Road to Mrs. – Maintaining Your Life Before the Proposal

Welcome Bride-to-Be Keisa and her fiance Vlad to the Black Bridal Bliss Family!

Can bride-to-Be Keisa and fiance Vlad maintain balanced lives in the midst of wedding planning?

Even for the most organized, well prepared bride-to-be, wedding planning can be a beast! Talk about being overwhelmed in details — Hydrangeas or orchids? Chiavari chairs or chair covers? DJ or Band? In almost an instant, nothing was the same *cues in Drake*.  It is easy to not only become overwhelmed but to also forget life before the bling.

For me, prior to being engaged, life was full — my daughter Ava’s soccer games and dance competitions, weekend trips, date nights, girls’ nights, family night at the movies and happy hours were frequent. Post-engagement, somehow date nights were replaced with creating guest lists, soccer games were followed up with dress shopping and weekend trips were put on hold because the “wedding budget” was now in effect. Aye, aye, aye! 

The million dollar question became, how do we still maintain our lifestyle and plan our wedding? I couldn’t figure it out. It seemed like there wasn’t enough time for anything anymore and all of our disposable money was now going toward our wedding fund.

I then realized that all of the things that were priorities and important to us prior to planning our wedding, are still priorities and important while we plan our wedding. So, how do we still live and plan for this awesomely, monumental event in our lives? We do what we would do if we were planning for a family vacation or a large purchase – sacrifice and improvise!

The happy nearlyweds out on the town!

The happy “nearly”weds out on the town!

Date nights still happen, they are just on a smaller scale. Family movie night is replaced with family movie matinees. Ava is still in soccer and basketball and volleyball and all of the activities that she was in before we got engaged, we just scale back in other areas to make sure our lifestyle must-haves, still happen.

Believe me eating out can save time, but it becomes expensive and a belly buster. Instead, we reserve eating out for the weekend. During the week, we eat at home and Vlad and I hold each other accountable. Ava is accountable too, because she is helping in the food prepping and preparing process.

Planning a wedding doesn’t mean you are planning the end to your life as you know it. It is important to remember what is important. Remember to do the little things you did before – those same things that got you to this place in your relationship. Those same things will help to keep your family bonded.

What ideas do you have for maintaining your pre-engaged life while wedding planning?

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    1. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      It is important to remember what is important.<-- THIS!

    2. Love how you are putting your priorities in order, continue doing what you’re doing.

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