Black Bridal Bliss 2016 Holiday Gift Guide – Nubian Heritage


With the winter months rapidly approaching, I find myself often viewing my hands and face. T.M.I., but I can get pretty ashy without proper moisture maintenance. This Nubian Heritage Shea Butter helps me to Preserve My Sexy. (Thanks, Diddy.) The gift set includes body wash + lotion (both full size + travel bottles), bar soap and a limited edition bead bracelet from Ghana to remind me of all the places I still wanna visit in my lifetime. It is currently on sale for $40–excellent value!

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  1. Definitely buying this for my fiance so he can stop using my ish! Lol, thank you Cousin Mars.

  2. Well what a coincidence Mars, my husband is a fan of Nubian Heritage too. I just might have to make sure he gets this very soon… Great find! #TeamTripleB

    @Debbie – Happy we could help a sister out, LOL.

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