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Great travel experiences are one of the fringe benefits of my job with When an invitation to be a guest was extended by Holman Ranch & Winery, of course we obliged. Solely due to a previously scheduled Triple B commitment, Bridgette was unable to attend and we decided that I would be the lone traveler for this press trip. Knowing that I rarely consume wine or liquor, I thought my wife was mildly punishing me by sending me to a winery. Lo and behold, this was probably my most pleasantly surprising press trip to date. Continue reading to learn why I am vehemently suggesting this California winery.

Whether your goal is to find a gorgeous backdrop for a small to moderately sized wedding or a venue to host a private bachelor(ette) party, Holman Ranch has you covered. Everyone is able to feel like an A List celebrity due to the reasonably priced option to exclusively rent the entire property. Portrait worthy photographs are easy to capture while exchanging vows at this hidden west coast gem.

If you already consider yourself a wine connoisseur or just enjoy a few glasses with dinner, the available vineyard and wine cave tours will impress you. Oh yeah, the sampling session that takes place in the wine cave allows for some great memories to be created. Be sure to stop by the Holman Ranch owned Tasting Room located a few minutes away and purchase a few bottles of your favorite vino before ending your stay. Another pleasant surprise for me during my visit to Holman were the organic varieties available at the winery.

Planning a couples trip here would be awesome. With a cool game room (including pool table and televisions), outdoor pool, adequate gym and several nearby dining options a baecation (as Bridgette refers to them now) at this property could be epic. Taking advantage of the fun–and drinking–to be had on the property eliminates the irresponsible and unnecessary risk of driving after indulging in the grown-up grape juice. 

photography by Yuri Krasov

For the non-California residents visiting Holman Ranch, maximize the vacay as I did because you have an excuse to hang out in San Francisco and Oakland. Having a car will also allow you to drive the romantic and gorgeous 17-mile drive — a scenic roadway hugging the Pacific coastline. Not my thing, but there are several popular haunted houses in Carmel Valley for couples to consider.

Would you consider a destination wedding or honeymoon at Holman Ranch? Have you taken any baecations lately? What destinations would you like Triple B to cover next?

(Click here to learn more about hosting weddings and other special events at Holman.)

Disclosure: A press trip was coordinated to facilitate this post.

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  1. Um…is Bridgette or Black Bridal Bliss hiring? I wanna go on free trips to cool places and drink wine and eat shrimp salads.

  2. @Tamika – LOL! Cousin Mars gets extra-special perks.

  3. My husband will celebrate his 30th birthday this fall. I may follow your suggestion & plan a trip to Holman Ranch. He would be thrilled and totally surprised if I’m able to pull this off.

  4. Nice write-up. I wish I could have made a trip to Holman Ranch when I had a chance. Looks like a good time.

  5. I’m definitely looking into a visit. Need to plan a July bachelor trip & we’re not interested in Vegas or Miami. Thanks!

  6. Avatar Matthew Bastien says:

    Great post. I always wanted to go on a winery tour and now have to check out in California. Plus, who doesn’t want to go to a potential Warriors game!!

  7. Cousin Mars Cousin Mars says:

    @ Matthew – I’m a LAKERS fan all the way, but you better believe I’m trying to snatch a Warriors game this season.
    @Marshall – The fellas would have a blast at Holman Ranch.
    @John – Thanks & there is still time…another excuse to return to Cali.
    @Karen – That would be an awesome surprise.
    @Bridge – Wait! What? Hmmmm
    @Tamika – Are you trying to take my job?

  8. what a great idea for a honeymoon destination! not only do you get to take in the beautiful scenery (surprise: such lush surroundings not only remind us of the gift of nature–sadly slipping away–but encourages us to be NATURAL, which is sadly becoming a lost art.

    the fact that couples can “practice” (under the watchful eyes of professionals), as they discover the pros and cons of what will certainly become their future wine preferences, is a bonus.

    of course, one/two/the gang can always make this an extended “date.”


  9. Great suggestion. I checked out their IG page and Yelp reviews. I’m going to seriously look into this place for our vow renewals. Thanks much BBB.

  10. I’ve always wanted to go to a winery for a vacation. Sounds like I might be paying Holman Ranch a visit in 2017!

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