The Road to Mrs. – The Devil Is In the Details: Wedding Favors

The month of May is already up on us which means July is right.around.the.corner, Yay and eeek! Getting to the 90-day out mark seemed like forever and a day away, and now, here we are, T-86 days and counting.

Since the major tasks are complete (flowers, rehearsal dinner venue, dress, linens, etc.), I am using the month of May to finalize all of the 5,000 the DIY projects that I saved to Pinterest and firm up the little “extras” that I want to incorporate into the wedding and reception. This week I am focusing on wedding favors.

I’ve attended a lot of weddings and although I can’t recall attending a wedding and not receiving a favor, I definitely don’t remember all of the favors I have received over the years. There are however, the more memorable wedding favors — the Hershey’s chocolate bar with the newlyweds’ wedding day information written on the candy wrapper; the magnets with photos of the new Mr. and Mrs.; and of course, the CD with a compilation of the couple’s favorite R&B slow jams.

I am certain some couples choose not to provide guests with favors for a variety of reasons, but for us, wedding favors are a must. Providing guests with a token of appreciation for traveling across the country to share with us in our day, is the least we can do. I do, however, want the wedding favors to be somewhat practical — something that will serve as a memory of our wedding day, but also something that our guests will actually be able to use. The problem is, I haven’t quite figured out what these memorable, yet practical wedding favors will be just yet.

Thankfully, a quick Google search provided tons of ideas for “practical wedding favors”. A few of my favorites: mosaic tile coasters, bottle openers, bottle stoppers, and candles. I also found a few favors that serve a dual purpose as seating place card — practical and economical.

We haven’t quite narrowed down our wedding favor of choice, but I have been able to locate plenty of ideas which at least has my creative wheels spinning…

What are your thoughts on providing guests with wedding favors? Necessary or not so much?

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    1. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      I’m not a fan of traditional wedding favors so my vote is “not so much” but I’m curious to see what you guys actually decide on because I know your favors will be meaningful. Also, those mosaic tile coasters are gorge!

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