7 Tips to Avoid Stress When Wedding Planning

Find Your Bliss: Don't let wedding planning keep you stressed!

Let’s get right to it: Planning a wedding is time-consuming and typically stressful at some point. So Triple B tapped NYC-based life coach LaToya Morgan of Your Hidden Treasure to offer practical tips on keeping your bliss while planning.

Morgan reveals, “Through my experiences as a life coach and watching friends that have been brides, I’ve observed the wedding planning process and noticed it is a snapshot of the marriage. In most cases it’s the couple’s first time creating a project together.” She continues, “This condensed amount of time pushes both individuals to experience uncharted territories just like their marriage will. Like anything else, when it’s new it can be uncomfortable. Look at the process like your private classroom and playbook for your marriage…You will learn how to work together, trust each other and build strength for the years to come.”

Here are Morgan’s seven keys to assist you through it all: [Read more...]

Hot New Wedding Video from One Sound & Entertainment!

One Sound & Entertainment knows how to rock a wedding reception!

Triple B’s favorite wedding DJ…ahem…entertainer (because he does so much more than spin records!) DJ Battle of One Sound & Entertainment recently released a hot video with wedding inspiration galore. Check it out! [Read more...]

Bridal Trend Alert – Social Media Wedding Concierge

On Friday Triple B intern Janee included a piece on a growing trend in the bridal biz: the social media wedding concierge. This is what it means in a nutshell: [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: Bridal News You Can Use

Have a Bachelorette Getaway on your calendar? Then we have a treat for you!

Don’t plan a bachelorette trip of any kind until you read this hilarious post. Get ready to laugh here. [Read more...]

5 Last Minute (And Affordable) Valentine’s Day Ideas

A cooking class with your boo thang for Valentine's Day could get spicy!

You’ve read a gazillion (Okay, maybe just a billion.) traditional Valentine’s Day Gift Guides so this year Triple B is switching things up. Instead of suggesting things to give and/or ask for this VDay, we’ve rounded up our top five experiences to enjoy on February 14th. Here’s to more lightweight living in 2014! [Read more...]

Sites to Buy & Sell Used Wedding Items

After all the wedding day fanfare has passed, most brides find themselves with a hefty amount of items they no longer need. Sure, you’ll want to hold onto to a few select pieces for memorabilia sake. But most things will end up becoming dust magnets if you’re not careful. These sites help newlyweds turn post wedding day clutter into cash but also help planning brides save some coins before their big day. [Read more...]

Bridgette’s Pick of the Week – 5 Easy Ways to Have an Affordable NY Wedding

Savvy Couple Dea & Dennis Chose the Brownstone Lined Streets of Harlem as Their Wedding Day Backdrop

New York City is one of the most expensive places to host a wedding in the world. (The average cost of a NYC wedding for 125 guests is about $50,000.) But, if you plan ahead and are willing to wiggle a bit, you can have a memorable wedding in the Big Apple without going in debt. Seriously! Here are five things I learned while planning my own intimate NYC affair. [Read more...]

Tips for Having a Breakfast or Brunch Wedding

Brides Who Brunch!

After this post on saving money on wedding day catering, Triple B reader Ashley asked for tips on planning a brunch wedding. Hope this info helps, Ashley. Happy planning! [Read more...]

5 Wedding Trends We’re Excited About for 2014

Expect to see a lot of radiant orchid in 2014 weddings.

Happy New Year! I trust you all brought in 2014 in blissfully. By the way, a sincere congratulations to those of you who recently got engaged over the holiday season. So, will a new year bring new trends on the bridal front? Of course! Here are the Black Bridal Bliss top wedding trend picks of 2014: [Read more...]

Cupcakes, Cocktails & Conversation RECAP – Her Thoughts

Triple B's founder Bridgette flanked by Cousin Mars and the panelists of the evening.

By now you’ve read the recap of Cupcakes, Cocktails and Conversation from the point of view of Cousin Mars. In short I agree with his recollections. (You can relax now, Mars.) However here are a few highlights he missed; plus I’ve got more pics! [Read more...]

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