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A bouquet of cupcakes? Yup!
Get ready to salivate here [Read more...]

New Registry Find!

Are most of your wedding guests pressed for time yet you still want to create a bridal registry for gifts? Consider Purchasing gifts can become quite time consuming, and Registry Finder can make the process less stressful for your loved ones. It provides users with the registries for weddings, baby showers, graduations, and more. [Read more...]

Bridal News You Can Use

Flotus is radiant in a wedding day ready Monique Lhuillier gown

First Lady Michelle Obama Wears Gown by Famed Bridal Designer Monique Lhuillier Learn more here and check out Triple B founder Bridgette hanging out with Monique here! [Read more...]

Bridal News You Can Use

Home for the Holidays? Get tips on how to mesh your family's traditions with the other half

Holiday Planning Tips for Nearlyweds and Newlyweds Read about them here

[Read more...]

Bridal News You Can Use

Mane Event: Solange's wedding day 'do is a Triple B fave!

Apparently Solange’s hairstyle of choice (and that of niece Blue Ivy) on her wedding day offended some folks. Read about the foolishness here. [Read more...]

Catch on The Marsha & Money Radio Show!

You read that headline correctly, folks! I’m today’s featured guest on The Marsha & Money Radio Show. (Remember Marsha from this post? She’s a kick-a** personal financial planner and founder of The Finance Bar.) I’ll be sharing expert tips and tricks on staying within your budget while wedding planning, revealing a few never before shared secrets on how I cut costs for my own Charlotte, NC nuptials and even dishing on ways to practically plan a wedding for $1,000. Be sure to grab a friend or two and take a listen. Thanks as always for your support of Triple B!

Bridal News You Can Use

Culinary Bliss: Can breaking bread together help a relationship?

Does eating meals together at home help relationships? Maybe…Read how here. [Read more...]

Bridal News You Can Use

Model Mom: Chanel Iman gives her mother a hand on her wedding day

Model Chanel Iman’s mom tied the knot Get the scoop and view more pics here [Read more...]

Validation is for Parking…Not Your Wedding Day

It is easy and perhaps even expected for engaged couples to express their marriage is more important than their wedding. It seems like the “pc” thing to say. However a couple of days spent on Instagram and Pinterest often indicate otherwise. The abundance of intricately designed floral centerpieces, elaborate cakes, jaw-dropping gowns and so on can pull even the most focused couple into a tangled wedding planning web and force them to lose sight of what is most important: those vows. As a newlywed, I admit it took me having to swallow a huge reality pill to grasp how easy it can be to let the frills of a wedding distract one from the commitment of marriage. [Read more...]

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Charleston, SC is a popular mini-moon destination for east coast newlyweds.

Awesome mini-moon ideas! Check them out here. [Read more...]

Bridal News You Can Use

Fantasy Football: Nearlyweds Chris + Jamila share their engagement bliss!

Washington Redskins Defensive Lineman Chris Baker and ESPN Senior Talent Producer Jamilia Phillips are showing off their gorgeous engagement pics. View more here! [Read more...]

Bridal Shower Bliss in Detroit!

Bride-to-be Shelby (in white) surrounded by her "Fab 5" bridesmaids!

Planning a bridal shower? You’ve come to the right place! Today’s reader-submitted bridal shower took place in Detroit and is filled with fun, fashion and a good dose of frugalness. The bride Shelby, who is a big fan of vintage-shopping, wed in a destination affair in Jamaica on August 30th but her forever friend Jamishia (who submitted the pics to Triple B) and the rest of the bridal party threw their girl a bridal shower to remember before the island nuptials. Besides this shower being creative and stylish, what is most impressive — and refreshing — is the genuine sisterhood it embodies. Enjoy!  [Read more...]

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Bridal News You Can Use

20 Ways to Make Your Wedding Unique
Read ‘em here

[Read more...]

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This Pnina Tornai princess gown retails for a whooping $13,000!

Tips on Buying a Wedding Dress in Your Price Range Read them and view the pretty pics here. [Read more...]

Bridal News You Can Use

DIY Wedding Ideas – Check them out here

[Read more...]

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Get the 411 on Anthropologie's new wedding registry!

Anthropologie has a bridal registry! (Seriously.) Get ready to swoon here [Read more...]

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Snakeskin strappy sandal by Chelsea Paris, $645

Gold shoes (at every price point) to make any bride swoon! Check ‘em out here [Read more...]

Florida Couple Plans a Corporate-Sponsored Wedding

Engaged couple Courtney McKenzie and Jamil Newell will pick the brand whose logo they will wear as they walk down the aisle.

In last week’s Bridal News You Can Use, editorial assistant Janee included a mention of the engaged Florida couple Courtney McKenzie, 27 and Jamil Newell, 34 who are seeking corporate sponsorship for their December 2014 wedding. That’s right: This enterprising couple is soliciting donations from big brands to fund their destination nuptials/honeymoon in Thailand — to the tune of $30,000 — and they’re quite proud of it. Courtney and Jamil are even willing to wear company logos for their strut down the aisle. The story seemingly got lost in the aforementioned post (or maybe you guys were already BBQ-hopping for Labor Day Weekend) but this duo is getting way too much buzz elsewhere in the webosphere for Triple B to ignore so… [Read more...]

ATTENTION: Black Bridal Bliss Needs Your Help!

Help Triple B help YOU!

Triple B is busier than usual juggling the normal workload and working on exciting behind-the-scenes (for now anyway) projects. Stay tuned for deets. In the meantime, your assistance is needed. Below are a few painless questions for an informal market research study. In due time, you’ll understand just how valuable your responses are to your favorite bridal blog! Many thanks in advance for participating. [Read more...]

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