The Road to Mrs – Saying Yes to the Dress

Triple B's resident bride-to-be Nicole (in pink) enlisted the help of her girls to find her dream wedding dress!

Once I was engaged, the thing I looked forward to the most was finding my wedding dress. All ten of the wedding apps I’d downloaded to my iPad said I needed to do this 7-9 months prior to the date. I was already behind schedule. Having watched every single episode of every single wedding show on TLC, I knew exactly what I wanted. Only problem was I was in Los Angeles…alone. Initially I thought I’d go into a bridal salon and pick out a dress solo so that everyone would be surprised when I walked down the aisle. But the more I thought about it, the more I knew I needed some assistance and support. I needed my girls. [Read more...]

Marriage Matters Monday – 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Tying the Knot

Your honey popped the question so you’re ready to start planning your wedding. Sure you understand the marriage is bigger than the wedding — Duh!  You love your future spouse and have no doubts that he (or she) is who you want to say “I Do” to during that ceremony you have already begun meticulously planning.

After the bridal dust has settled and the honeymoon is (literally) over, the marriage begins. Even couples who live together before jumping the broom are likely to experience “growing pains” after their nuptials. Asking yourself the below questions then discussing your honest answers to those questions with your partner while still engaged is wise and will help you gain a better sense of self. [Read more...]

Oscars 2014- Bridal Inspiration

Lupita and Amy and Cate, oh my! The stars slayed last night’s Oscars red carpet with looks that serve major bridal inspiration. Check out our Pinterest board and let us know your favorite looks below in the comments.

15 Minutes With…Lory Leigh Comeau of Pink Pizza Events

Meet Lory of Pink Pizza Events!

Company name
Pink Pizza Events [Read more...]

Tie the Knot Tuesday Will Return Next Week!

Today is my birthday so I’m off the grid until tomorrow. I’m stepping away from the World Wide Web to enjoy the rest of this gorgeous day (the weather is beautiful where I am) with my pretty awesome husband and reflect on all my blessings — one of them being the growing platform that is Triple B. Love in any form is a blessing whether it comes from a spouse, friend, family member, pet or bridal blog. Enjoy the day because I certainly plan to!

Tie The Knot Tuesday: The Royall Movie

Watch the beauty of Bridgette and Anthony’s bliss come to life
in this spectacular video by Three Ring Weddings.

Bridgette & Anthony: Share Their Bliss

[Read more...]

The Royall Album Drops 2/4/14 (We promise:-)

Anthony and Bridgette with backs to camera

The Royall Debut ~ Coming Tuesday, February 4, 2014 (Photo: Three Ring Weddings)

Hey Folks!
Mondella Jones here from MJLA Media. I really hate to keep you waiting, but I’m pulling out all stops to bring you #TheRoyallUnion, TripleB’s most anticipated Tie The Knot Tuesday ever. In nearly 4 years, Bridgette has beautifully profiled the “Power of Love” stories of more than 100 couples, and I want to be sure that her love story receives the same care and attention to detail that she so richly deserves. So thanks in advance for your patience, and join me on social media (twitter/instagram) for the countdown to “Bridgette’s Bridal Bliss” on Tuesday, February 4, 2014. I promise it will be so worth it.

Until next week,

P.S. Read part one of Bridgette and Anthony’s wedding story here.
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Marriage Matters Monday – Worry About Yourself

Don't Worry, Be Happy: Me & Mr. TK last summer on Fire Island

I have no desire to be a relationship expert of any kind. The only relationship I want to be an expert on is my own. (Kudos to those true professionals who have studied their butts off to help the rest of us navigate our love lives.) However this is on my heart and mind so I wanted to share. I’ve only been married a few months but one thing I’ve already learned is it requires way too much time and energy to worry what others think of your union. In the words of this quite profound toddler, after you say “I Do”, it is even more important to worry about yourself. [Read more...]

Gabrielle Union, “Secret Children” & Judging Someone Else’s Love

Bridal Bliss? Gabrielle Union Faces Major Ridicule Days After Accepting Dwyane Wade's Proposal

Earlier this week, I posted the following note on my personal Facebook page:

LOL. So now that Wade reportedly fathered a child while he and Gabrielle were on a break, the ring that some folks were ooohing and awwing over and the holiday pics and video aren’t cute anymore. Funny indeed. Not saying I agree or disagree with either side but the commentary I’ve read on the subject from perfect people in their perfect relationships with perfect families is comical to say the least. [Read more...]

5 Wedding Trends We’re Excited About for 2014

Expect to see a lot of radiant orchid in 2014 weddings.

Happy New Year! I trust you all brought in 2014 in blissfully. By the way, a sincere congratulations to those of you who recently got engaged over the holiday season. So, will a new year bring new trends on the bridal front? Of course! Here are the Black Bridal Bliss top wedding trend picks of 2014: [Read more...]

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