MARS vs VENUS – Critique of a Groom’s Look

Common at Golden Globes '15

MARS thinks – I’m learning that as I’ve grown, I have developed an affinity for tuxedos. Perhaps it is due to maturity or the fact that I have several stylish friends. Either way, I think Common is pulling off the “Grown Man Sexy” look with this outfit. When a man doesn’t have to rely [Read more...]

Triple B Gives Back! is committed to living up to the mantra, “Triple B is bigger than weddings“. We’re kicking 2015 off by sponsoring an important philanthropic event on Sunday, January 18th in my hometown of Queens, NY to give back to local youth. The F-R-E-E event [Read more...]

Triple B 2015: We’ve Got a New Attitude!

Happy New Year! Many of you might be stopping by for the first time since lots of folks got engaged over the holidays. Welcome to the newbies and welcome back to the regulars. Congratulations if you fall in the former category. New year resolutions…Honestly who makes them anymore? However, most of us do at least attempt to set goals for ourselves at the start of a new year. Triple B certainly has new goals for 2015! [Read more...]

Solange Knowles Scheduled to Tie the Knot in New Orleans This Weekend!

Solange Knowles Alan Ferguson

Bridal Bliss in the Big Easy: Solange Prepares to Say "I Do" in New Orleans

BREAKING NEWS: The world wide web is a ‘buzzin’ that the youngest Knowles daughter, Solange, is scheduled to tie the knot this weekend in her current home city of New Orleans! Sources say the Houston born and bred star and her longtime Richmond, Virginia native and film producer boyfriend Alan Ferguson are officially getting hitched. The two have been not-so secretly engaged since the summer. Here’s the scoop from Brides magazine: [Read more...]

Where Are You Wedding Dress Winner LezleyB?

Dear Triple B reader LezleyB:
You are the winner of last month’s stunning wedding gown raffle from Light in the Box. For the past month we’ve tried to reach you via email and social media, but our attempts so far have been unsuccessful. Since it’s been 30 days, this is your final chance to claim your prize. Please respond to this post or email Mondella Jones ( by THIS Friday, September 12 at 5pm EST. If we don’t hear from you by then we’ll be forced to choose another random winner. Hope to hear from you soon!

Enjoy the Bliss!
-Team Triple B



How to Be an Awesome Wedding Guest

Ain't Nobody Fresher Than My Clique: Groomsmen John and Lyncoln taking flicks during the Royall Union

Chances are you or someone you know is heading to a wedding this weekend. Check out these six (plus a bonus) painless Triple B approved tips to ensure that you and the couple of the day have an awesome time. [Read more...]

R&B Singer Ciara Covers Brides Magazine

Covergirl Ciara on the August/September 2014 issues of Brides

New mom and bride-to-be Ciara is gracing the cover of the August/September 2014 issue of Brides magazine! The Grammy-award winning R&B singer just gave birth to her first child, an adorable baby boy named Future Jr. after his music producer/rapper dad and Ciara’s fiance. [Read more...]

Tips to Book Blocks of Hotel Rooms for a Wedding

The sleek lobby of The Westin in Uptown Charlotte was a top pick to be my host hotel during my wedding weekend but it was booked solid before I could block rooms for guests.

Check out these practical tips the folks over at Roomer shared with Triple B on blocking a hotel room for your wedding! I certainly wish I had read this list before my October nuptials last year in Charlotte. There was a Panthers home game, a furniture conference and a BBQ festival taking place in the same vicinity as my venue during my wedding weekend. Of course it all worked out in the end but a post like this would have saved me a bit of stress. Bookmark this page, forward the link to a friend or go old-school and print it out and stick on the fridge – you’re welcome! [Read more...]

Love and Legacy: Remembering Ruby Dee + Ossie Davis

Loving + Living: A Young Ossie + Ruby

Like most of you, I was saddened to learn Ruby Dee passed away yesterday (June 11, 2014). Her work as an actress, philanthropist and civil rights activist made her a bona fide cultural icon. But her marriage to fellow actor Ossie Davis was equally as memorable as her acting career. In fact, the names Ossie and Ruby just roll off of our tongues like peanut butter and jelly. More Harlem than Hollywood, they were one of those couples in the public eye who genuinely seemed to like each other — it was refreshing and welcoming. Mr. TK (my hubby rocks!) reminded me, because I honestly had forgotten I even penned the post, about this of this blog piece I wrote in 2008 about Mrs. Ruby Dee. I smiled while reading it and I think you might, too. Here’s a snippet: [Read more...]

Marriage Matters Monday: Talking Finances with your Spouse

Romance versus Finance

Managing finances as single folks isn’t easy: How much money should I have in an emergency fund, what should I save for retirement, can I afford college for my child/children? After saying I Do and adding another person to the equation, the process seems even more daunting. Here to help us figure it out is Marsha Horton Barnes, a seasoned Charlotte, NC-based certified financial education instructor. I discovered Marsha via Instagram. Her approach to financial education isn’t preachy plus she’s a dedicated wife and mother who understands certain things in life money just can’t buy. Check out her exclusive Q&A with Triple B covering the importance of sharing credit reports before jumping the broom, why involving in-laws into money matters should be avoided, why creating a will is necessary and more! [Read more...]

Bridal Inspiration from the 2014 MET Gala

Sarah Jessica Parker shut down the red carpet in this jaw-dropping Oscar de la Renta gown!

Many refer to the Metropolitan Museum of Art Annual Costume Institute Ball in NYC as the biggest night in fashion. (Attending this coveted event is still on my bucket list.) This year’s theme celebrates famed American designer Charles James. As usual Triple B has rounded up the most memorable looks of the evening just for you. There was loads of bridal inspiration on last night’s red carpet so get ready to swoon. Enjoy! [Read more...]

Couples exchanging gifts on their wedding day: Yay or Nay

Couples exchanging gifts on their wedding day is definitely not new but since we’ve yet to really address it here on Triple B I wanted to do so today. Mr. TK and I didn’t participate in this but many couples do and look forward to it. I know some brides receive heartfelt cards, designer purses, jewelry and even shoes from their grooms [Read more...]

The Road to Mrs. – Pre-Marriage Counseling

This week, Triple B resident bride-to-be Nicole is opening up about pre-marital counseling, "shacking-up" and more!

Growing up, I went to church every Sunday with my grandparents. My pastor would always speak of the love God had for the church, and how a man should have that same kind of love for his wife. I learned that marriage is ordained by God and is a sacred and holy. So when Leonard and I got engaged the first thing on my agenda was to start pre-marital counseling. [Read more...]

Marriage Matters Monday – Committed to the Commitment

The Revs Floyd & Elaine Flake Share Their Marriage Wisdom

The below video is over a year old but the content still resonates and educates. I have known the interview subjects, Rev. Dr. Floyd Flake and Rev. Dr. Elaine Flake of the Allen A.M.E. Cathedral in Queens, NY since childhood. I attended the Allen Christian School which they founded for eight years and believe I am a better woman because of it. Their efforts to improve the community I grew up in are invaluable to me so I’m probably biased. I’ve witnessed their marriage and ministry go through the type of challenges that would lead many couples to divorce court. [Read more...]

15 Minutes With… William P. Miller of W.P. Miller Special Events

Meet William of W.P. Miller Special Events!

Company name
W.P. Miller Special Events [Read more...]

The Road to Mrs – Saying Yes to the Dress

Triple B's resident bride-to-be Nicole (in pink) enlisted the help of her girls to find her dream wedding dress!

Once I was engaged, the thing I looked forward to the most was finding my wedding dress. All ten of the wedding apps I’d downloaded to my iPad said I needed to do this 7-9 months prior to the date. I was already behind schedule. Having watched every single episode of every single wedding show on TLC, I knew exactly what I wanted. Only problem was I was in Los Angeles…alone. Initially I thought I’d go into a bridal salon and pick out a dress solo so that everyone would be surprised when I walked down the aisle. But the more I thought about it, the more I knew I needed some assistance and support. I needed my girls. [Read more...]

Marriage Matters Monday – 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Tying the Knot

Your honey popped the question so you’re ready to start planning your wedding. Sure you understand the marriage is bigger than the wedding — Duh!  You love your future spouse and have no doubts that he (or she) is who you want to say “I Do” to during that ceremony you have already begun meticulously planning.

After the bridal dust has settled and the honeymoon is (literally) over, the marriage begins. Even couples who live together before jumping the broom are likely to experience “growing pains” after their nuptials. Asking yourself the below questions then discussing your honest answers to those questions with your partner while still engaged is wise and will help you gain a better sense of self. [Read more...]

Oscars 2014- Bridal Inspiration

Lupita and Amy and Cate, oh my! The stars slayed last night’s Oscars red carpet with looks that serve major bridal inspiration. Check out our Pinterest board and let us know your favorite looks below in the comments.

15 Minutes With…Lory Leigh Comeau of Pink Pizza Events

Meet Lory of Pink Pizza Events!

Company name
Pink Pizza Events [Read more...]

Tie the Knot Tuesday Will Return Next Week!

Today is my birthday so I’m off the grid until tomorrow. I’m stepping away from the World Wide Web to enjoy the rest of this gorgeous day (the weather is beautiful where I am) with my pretty awesome husband and reflect on all my blessings — one of them being the growing platform that is Triple B. Love in any form is a blessing whether it comes from a spouse, friend, family member, pet or bridal blog. Enjoy the day because I certainly plan to!

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