Stop by Housing Works’ annual Bride on a Buck sale is this Saturday

Stop by Housing Works’ annual Bride on a Buck sale is this Saturday

Looking for your dream wedding dress? Head over to the Housing Works Bride on a Buck sale tomorrow! Get more details  here

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Bridgette’s Pick of the Week – Should Couples Pick and Choose Which Children are Invited to Their Wedding?

children at weddings black bridal bliss
Hola! I recently discovered an intriguing article over at as it was getting quite a bit of buzz on Facebook. Said article weighed the pros an cons of have an adult-only wedding while allowing select children to attend. It caused a bona fide fury both on the blog and on popular social media platforms. Thus, I really want to know where the Triple B family stands on this. Take a read [Read more…]

Are You a Fan or Foe of Adult-Only Wedding Receptions?

Just like hair
, few topics get people to go from zero to ninety like that of their children. When I experienced a South African safari, the biggest (and sweetest) takeaway was witnessing the natural instinct living beings have to protect their offspring. So it comes as no surprise that some individuals express great disappointment when learning that they’re invited to a wedding celebration where children are not allowed to attend. [Read more…]

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