Short Hair Options for Brides

Actress Malinda Williams rocked a short, sulty 'do with a mid-length veil on her wedding day.

Last week when Road to Mrs. blogger Nadine expressed her frustration regarding the limited hairstyle choices for brides with short hair, I knew other planning brides must have been experiencing the same issue. So below are a few styles that are Triple B wedding day worthy for both relaxed (or blow-dried/flat ironed straight) and natural hair. Feel free to print these images out and take them to the salon, ladies!
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The Road to Mrs.: My Search for the Perfect Wedding Weave

Charli is weave ready!

Dress? Check. Accessories? Check. Hair? Help!

Like most brides, I’m after one thing and one thing only: sheer perfection! From the rings on the napkins to the polish on my nails, I’m praying that on my wedding day every detail will be just right. Now, the reality is having everything go my way is probably a fantasy, but for me, there are a few details that must be flawless. (No exceptions.) My list is short, and having the right hairstyle tops it. [Read more…]

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