cousin mars on black bridal bliss

Triple B’s only male blogger shares the deets on what men think about proposing.

Okay, I have to admit this is a tough one. I may lose my Dude Card for this post, but HEY…this is for Triple B. Popping the big question takes a BIG pair (you know what I mean). Please understand that most men take the fiancee-to-be, her friends and family, his friends and family, and finances (depending on the dude, of course) into consideration prior to Popping the BIG QUESTION.

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Marriage Matters: What Marriage Means to Me Series

Donald is marrided & lives in Texas

Donald, who resides in Texas, is a married father of two.

Marriage is a contract to some people, a commitment to others and most unfortunately, slavery to a few. For me, it’s two people who love each other coming together for the advancement of their common goals. My wife and I love each other and our common goals are [Read more…]

Cupcakes, Cocktails & Conversation RECAP – Her Thoughts

Triple B's founder Bridgette flanked by Cousin Mars and the panelists of the evening.

By now you’ve read the recap of Cupcakes, Cocktails and Conversation from the point of view of Cousin Mars. In short I agree with his recollections. (You can relax now, Mars.) However here are a few highlights he missed; plus I’ve got more pics! [Read more…]

Final Friday with Cousin Mars – Are Men Intimidated by Successful Women?

Cousin Mars gives his three cents an the age-old relationship debate.

Do men really have a problem dating successful women? Better yet, do men truly have an issue committing to successful women? F.Y.I. – There is a difference between dating and committing. I’ve dated multiple six figure earners. Two of these relationships were when six figures were still viewed as a huge deal. Several of my friends have also dated women that most would deem successful. Several of these relationships have graduated into marriage. Few have ended as a result the woman’s success – well, kinda. [Read more…]

Marriage Matters Monday – Who are Your Marriage Role Models?

Clair and Heathcliff Huxtable of "The Cosby Show" shared a fictional marriage admired by many in the 1980s.

Last week I had the unique opportunity to chat about marriage, parenthood and lots of stuff in between with my mom, my fiance and his mom. The four of us happen to engage in this very impromptu (but life-changing) convo with a 78 year-old widow and her single forty-something daughter. The entire conversation was enlightening but below are my highlights from the encounter. I was blessed by them and I think you will be, too. As I’ve mentioned before — although I’m planning a wedding, I’m much more concerned about my marriage. For the record, I had heard many of these things before but hearing them come from complete strangers was confirmation in a sense. Here goes: [Read more…]

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