Mother’s Day Special – If Mama Ain’t Happy…with Cleo Dujon

Circle of Love: Our featured mom Cleo surrounded by her family

Circle of Love: Cleo surrounded by her husband Lyncoln (right), son Mahki and daughter Madison

Welcome to the first Black Bridal Bliss feature: If Mama Ain’t Happy Mother’s Day Weekend is the perfect time to debut our series of intimate conversations with married mothers who are juggling the roles of wife and mom. This will be a space where real mothers and wives can celebrate, inspire and encourage each other. We couldn’t think of a better person to launch this fun feature than our first Tie the Knot Tuesday bride, Cleo. Enjoy and be sure to leave a comment. [Read more…]

Cousin Mars Presents: A Mother’s Day (month) Special

Steve + Sheona have been married for 15 years and counting!

Steve + Sheona have been married for 15 years and counting!

In honor of all of the wonderful mothers that follow Triple B, I want to allow husbands to show their appreciation for these women. This month, Marriage Matters Mondays will be replaced with a Cousin Mars special series: I Love My Wife Even More, Because of the Mother She Is. Our first husband to participate, Steve (currently residing in PA) has been married for 15 years. I’m sure you’ll enjoy what he shared below.

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The Road to Mrs. – Confessions of a Single Mom Saying “I Do”

Triple B's resident bride-to-be Jene and her teenage daughter, Tylesha

Being a bride who is also a single parent to a teenager has its own unique challenges. My daughter Tylesha has been one of the biggest hurdles in my relationship. There was a time I was unsure if Shawn and I would survive Hurricane Tylesha. I was very young when I had Ty, so we basically grew up together. My Stinkey (my affectionate nickname for Ty – don’t judge me, LOL) was my shadow. We did everything together: vacations, restaurants, shows. You name it, we did it. While I did date, she was never privy to that, as far as she was concerned it was always “Mommy and Me” time. [Read more…]

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