My Road to Mrs. – Bridal Shower Bliss!

Bridal Shower Bliss!

One of the highlights in my wedding planning process which is quickly coming to a close was my bridal shower and bachelorette weekend. After posting about them on numerous occasions as a resource for other brides, I was a little nervous about what type of fete I would have myself. Contrary to what many predicted, I opted not to do the Miami or Vegas jaunt but definitely still had a ball! Here’s why: [Read more…]

Three NEW Bridal Shower Ideas!

A group of ladies enjoying Sip & Stroke in Atlanta!

It’s traditional for the bridal party of a bride-to-be to invite close friends and family over, open a few gifts, and have a glass of wine or (ahem) three. This is fine but ladies, where’s the fun? It’s time to break tradition and replace it with an out-the-box and unique celebration! Maybe you’re not feeling a predictable shower filled with corny icebreaker games and lingerie. Are bars and exotic dancers not your speed? Triple B has you covered. With the following alternative bridal shower themes/venues, your bridal shower will be the talk of the town!

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