The Road to Mrs. – Bridesmaid Dress Nightmare

Jene with two of her bridesmaids during happier times...

Okay, it’s official. I had my first bride-to-be melt down moment.  It has all been so easy thus far, that is until it came down to dress shopping for the bridal party. Can you say EPIC FAIL?
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The Road to Mrs. – Bridesmaid Blues: How to Fire a Bridesmaid

Bride-to-be Nadine is getting over a case of the bridesmaid blues.

This was a tough post to write.  But when I made the decision to share my wedding plans here on Triple B, I knew I’d have to share all of it: the ups and the downs. I had to remove one of my bridesmaids from my bridal party. It is definitely one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It had nothing to do with the usual transgressions such as a bridesmaid cheating with the fiancé, being unresponsive or demanding. Mine was a situation that took me completely by surprise.
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Made of Honor: A Bridesmaid Gets Real

Writer and former-bridesmaid Janelle Harris has a story to tell...

Happy Monday! Today’s post is a certified treat from writer, Janelle Harris. The Washington, D.C. based scribe always manages to get a chuckle from me with the dry humor she inserts into her Facebook status updates. When she expressed her frustration about being a bridesmaid on the social media site a few weeks ago I knew she had to pen something for Triple B. (By the way, are you a Black Bridal Bliss Facebook friend and are you following us on Twitter yet?)

This single mom contributes to many outlets including, Heart & Soul and Sister 2 Sister where she’s responsible for the “Office with a View” column. Be sure to let my fellow wedding show addict know what you think of her hilarious op-ed in the comments section.
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