Prep your guest for the party with these hangover relief kits

Prep your guest for the party with these hangover relief kits as wedding favors!

Checkout 24 creative wedding favor ideas here

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A Case of Rude Brides: Mind Your Manners!

Triple B was recently made aware of the Huffington Post excerpt below via our pals at Lash to Lens. It has sent social media ablaze! In short, a newly married bride sent a message to a guest of her wedding complaining about the amount of her cash gift and actually requesting an explanation for said gift. Check it out: [Read more…]

A Bridezilla Makes History: Black Bridal Bliss EXCLUSIVE

Find out how bridezilla Jeanine made WeTV history!

I briefly chatted with newlywed Jeanine about her debut last night on WeTV’s Bridezillas. (I realize most of you were tuned into the BET Awards so here’s a mini-recap for you, too.) The highlight of her nuptials? Walking out on her husband during the reception! My thoughts on this popular show haven’t changed since this post, however I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get the inside scoop on Jeanine and her — ahem — colorful wedding day. For the record; she is still married. Check out the Florida mom’s top 5 tips for managing in-laws as a newly married pair plus a couple of her budget tricks for the frugally conscious bride. Remember folks, there is something to be learned from everyone. Yes, everyone  — even a bridezilla. [Read more…]

Black Bridal Bliss EXCLUSIVE: A Bridezilla Defends Herself!

Bridezilla Erica gives her side of the story!

Did you watch the season premiere of Bridezillas last night? If so, I’m sure you asked, “What the %*#$??!!” at least twice during viewing. (Admit it.) Well, I have a little more guilty pleasure for ya. Triple B caught up with newlywed Erica to find out if she feels the WEtv cameras added extra stress to her wedding planning, if she ever made peace with her sister and what she thinks about the show’s unmarried critics. (I guess that includes me, huh?) BONUS: Erica offers bridal tips for you nearlyweds as well! [Read more…]

Bridezillas is Bizack!

Ready or Not: They're Back...

The reality show we all love to hate is returning for a brand new season. On June 12, the newest crop of Bridezillas comes to WEtv. (On the same day Amsale Girls is scheduled to debut and as a huge fan of the designer, I’m truly excited about the addition of this show on the network’s reality wedding lineup!) The folks over at WEtv sent me an advance copy of the season’s premiere episode so here’s a little (spoiler-free) feedback: [Read more…]

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