Black Bridal Bliss – The Point of It All

Triple B's Tie the Knot Tuesday alums Stephanie & Delano!

Just when I get frustrated by life’s inevitable tests, I receive an email like the one excerpted below. The unsolicited heartfelt message below was emailed to me from a regular Triple B reader/visitor in Maryland. It almost brought me to tears. I’ve always felt this site was about more than weddings. So much more…And clearly this woman agrees. [Read more…]

My Road to Mrs. – Facing A Fatherless Wedding

Bride Kenna and her father the first time he saw her in wedding gown. He said it made him think about the day she was born.

Since my last post about my upcoming wedding, my fiance and I have made some small yet significant progress. We’ve narrowed down the area we want our nuptials to take place and our wedding day budget plus we zeroed in on a time frame. We’re also continuing those sometimes challenging conversations about combining finances and being truthful about our expectations after exchanging I Do. There’s still lots to do physically and emotionally but we’re both up for it and enjoying the ride.

However there’s one wedding planning element that is probably the most personal and I’m thinking about it more these days. I don’t think I’ve mentioned in my two + years of maintaining Triple B but my father is deceased. He passed away in my teen years. Before he did we were very close. [Read more…]

(Not Quite) Tie the Knot Tuesday – I’m Engaged!

Me and the love of my life about two hours before he popped the question.

Those of you who follow Triple B on Twitter might already know that this past weekend, I got engaged. And those of you who have been following Triple B here know that I rarely ever mention my personal relationship on this site. I’m a pretty private person. But I came to the conclusion – after careful consideration — that if I expect others to continue to be candid with me about their relationships, fears and triumphs, I should do the same…So here goes: [Read more…]

Black Brides: You Matter Here!

Triple B’s very first Tie the Knot Tuesday bride, Cleo Dujon!

A new year always encourages us to reflect on the one we just left. We’re 9 days into 2012 and as I attempt to strategize on ways to make Triple B more helpful and efficient for you (and make a profit in the process), I’ve been forced to reevalute why this site was launched in the first place. We can all agree that the Black bride is rarely ever acknowledged and when she is it often seems like an afterthought. But here are some other reasons I think often go unnoticed: [Read more…]

Marriage Matters on TV – Are we staying together or falling apart?

What do you think of BET's new sitcom?

Every now and again I need to check in with you all about the ways that Black marriages (and committed relationships of Black folks across the board) are portrayed in popular culture. On my mind this morning is BET’s new sitcom Let’s Stay Together.
[Read more…]

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