Customized Bridal Hangers!

Road to Mrs. & Tie the Knot Tuesday alum Charli Penn opted for this simple and chic "bride" hanger on her big day.

I first fell in love with customized bridal hangers while viewing the wedding trailer of Virdina and Kevin last year. (I’m a true sucker for anything personalized; blame it on my parents.) Since then, they’ve popped up in countless Tie the Knot Tuesday weddings because let’s face it — they make that all important gown shot every wedding photographer must catch even more special. Newlywed Kim Kardashian even tweeted a picture of her custom gown hanger on her wedding day. [Read more...]

5 Wedding Planning Tips for the Busy Bride-To-Be

Earlier this summer, I spoke to a group of interns at my former place of employment, Essence magazine. Immediately following the discussion, several of them approached me about contributing to Triple B. One of those ambitious folks was Janine Rayford. Janine explained that not only was she interested in media but was a nearlywed herself and fan of (Swoon!) Janine pitched me the below piece and managed to make her deadline in the midst of all her other responsibilities. This impressive bride-to-be jumps the broom this weekend and has promised to share her wedding with Tie the Knot Tuesday in the coming months.

Janine and her fiance Doug countdown to their big day. Follow her tips so you don't miss out on all the bliss in the midst of your planning!

When my fiancé Doug proposed in May 2010, I was smack dab in the middle of my last year in graduate school.  On top of my studies, I had work, internships and a truck load of other obligations on my plate.  But once that sparkling ring slid on my finger, I happily added wedding planning to the top section of my to-do list. It was tough at first – meeting with venues after school and work, scheduling tastings around Doug’s work schedule, scolding myself for studying bridal magazines rather than my textbooks – but as planning wore on I discovered the best ways to balance it all. Now graduated, working and just a few days away from a 200+ guest wedding, I’m here to share my tips on how to fit wedding planning into an already jam-packed schedule.
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Check Out This AWESOME Wedding Video!

Happy Friday, y’all! I’m sure you’re looking forward to the upcoming weekend as much as I am. So, I’m sharing this treat from our fave newlywed and former Road to Mrs. blogger, Charli. Below is her touching, hilarious and plain ‘ole feel-good wedding trailer. The talented Anthony Palmini created it and I love the behind-the-scenes and bloopers footage, as well as, the song selections. The energy of Charli and her hubby Gibran is palpable. Who said wedding videos had to be uptight and stuffy? Enjoy and be sure to do something fun this weekend! (Don’t forget to leave a comment with your thoughts on the video.) Bonus: Read this post for insider tips on hiring a videographer for your wedding day.

Tie the Knot Tuesday: Charli & Gibran

New Jersey couple Charli and Gibran say "I Do" in a classy and fun affair!

Bride: Charli Penn, 28
Gibran Watkins, 30
Occupations: Penn, digital marketing manager; Watkins, retail store manager
Homebase: New Jersey
Wedding Date: October 17, 2010
Wedding Location: Ceremony & Reception – The Stonehouse at Stirling Ridge; Warren, New Jersey
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The Road to Mrs.: My Wedding Day is Here!

Charli and Gibran's wedding day countdown has officially begun!

After 10 months of planning all the details, stressing over the bumps in the road, and praying for good outdoor wedding weather, my wedding weekend has arrived. On Sunday I will meet the man of my dreams at the altar and together we will begin an exciting new chapter in our lives. I can say for sure that I’m so ready to be Mrs. Watkins. But make no mistake, the road to Mrs. has been one paved with love and laughter, some very long days and nights, and a little more drama than I expected. No matter what type of wedding you plan to have, know that getting there is a process. For the most part, I’ve enjoyed mine. [Read more...]

The Road to Mrs.: Countdown to the Honeymoon

Bride-to-be Charli gives tips on planning a stress-free honeymoon.

Our wedding is just nine days away! Lately, there’s been so much fuss about finalizing all the big day details that we almost forgot about the big trip that follows it — our honeymoon. We booked it months ago, so once we paid our balance with the travel agent we kind of just forgot all about it. Then, I looked at the calendar and realized that – in addition to everything else — we need to get ready for a 10-day tropical trip in the middle of October. Unlike most other vacations, there’s a lot more involved in honeymoon prep than just grabbing a passport and throwing some shorts in a bag. I knew we needed an action plan fast, so I came up with the following last-minute preparation plan. Vegas and Maui here we come! [Read more...]

The Road to Mrs.: Keeping Guests Entertained

Former Tie the Knot Tuesday couple, Camille and Uchenna, know how to get the party started!

Think about the last great wedding you went to. Though most brides wouldn’t want to hear it, but I’m guessing it wasn’t the lovely centerpieces, or the couple’s custom wedding logo that you remember. You know it was the abundance of delicious cocktails and all the good times on the dance floor that stayed on your mind days following. Everyone loves a good party! Sure, a wedding is really all about the couple who’s making it official, but why invite a bunch of people to help celebrate if you’re not going to party like it’s 1999? [Read more...]

The Road to Mrs.: A Big Guest Mess!

Triple B's fave bride-to-be Charli gives practical tips on avoiding guest list drama!

Any bride who’s made it to the altar and back will tell you that with every guest list comes some kind of drama. We started off wanting an intimate wedding for 90 or so guests, and we’re now three weeks away from an event that nearly 150 people plan to attend. I’m flattered that so many folks want to be a part of our special day, but when it comes to planning your wedding, “sharing the love” isn’t the easiest thing to do. Here are three pitfalls we fell into, and some advice you can use to avoid stepping into them too. [Read more...]

The Road to Mrs.:Bachelorette Parties, Showers and Gifts — Oh My!

Charli gets showered and parties it up before the BIG day!

OMG, I’m getting married in thirty days! Now that I’ve gotten that out, I really want to talk about how my lovely bridesmaids turned a few awesome ideas into two fabulous and memorable affairs. I had a wonderful time at my bridal shower and bachelorette party. My girls did right by me, and I had the time of my life at both events. [Read more...]

The Road to Mrs.: How I Blew My Wedding Budget (And Advice on How to Not Blow Yours!)

Charli fine tuning details at her soon-to-be wedding venue.

Let me just say first, don’t feel sorry for me. As a former weddings editor, I knew budget tricks and tips. I used to make a living advising brides on how to stick to their budgets and plan a glamorous wedding for less. But even the so called experts make mistakes. I knew better. Yet when it came to my wedding I found it hard to follow my own rules. [Read more...]

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