Final Friday with Cousin Mars: The Bachelor Party

Do you really want to know? Honestly, there are only three likely categories of a bachelor party.

1st. – A boring to mild night/weekend with several of his friends and possibly co-workers. This night may or may not include female entertainment. If it does include female entertainment, don’t worry — chances are that your set of tatas weren’t the only pair viewed prior to that night. But so what, didn’t he have cable television already anyway? Believe it or not, he has already compared yours to some celebrity…and guess what…He gave you the ring, right? [Read more…]

Final Fridays with Cousin Mars – Husband Material

3 Signs a Man Is Ready

Is it after one year? Is it after he introduces you to mom? How about when he is comfortable enough to say “I love you” in the presence of his friends? Oh yeah…this one is good…what about after he gives you a key to his place? Having many close friends of the opposite sex, I’ve been amazed at the types of clues some women looked for to determine if their significant other was indeed ready for marriage. Being a dude that has been on more than just a few dates (____ READ HERE ____), I can tell you that none of the previously mentioned clues is enough to think that he is ready for that leap. [Read more…]

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