Mars VS Venus Critique of a Groom’s Engagement Rehearsal Dinner Look


 Mars thinks – First, I would like to congratulate Mr. Curry and the Golden State Warriors for winning the Western Conference Finals last night and securing a trip to the NBA Finals.  [Read more…]

Mars VS Venus Critique of a Groom’s Look

Groom Inspiration on Mars VS Venus

Groom Inspiration on Mars VS Venus

Mars thinks – Nice suit. One could definitely get many wears – random Tuesday, nephew’s graduation, date night, and of course the day one trades in freedom for a lifetime of Honey Do lists.  [Read more…]

Final Fridays With Cousin Mars – New Year, New [ME] US

For the first Final Fridays with Cousin Mars of 2015, I’ve decided to go cliché. Many of you have probably already forgotten several of your 2015 resolutions. Don’t worry; very few expected you to actually make those changes. There are some resolutions/changes I want to encourage you to follow through with completely. [Read more…]

Mars VS Venus: Critique of a Wedding Guest’s Look

Taraji @ Empire Premiere

MARS thinks – Perhaps I should start by informing you that I am totally biased here. I have a huge crush on Taraji P. Henson. I mean HUGE. [Read more…]

The 5 Best of Final Fridays with Cousin Mars – 2014 Edition

This year on Triple B, I covered everything from date ideas for the summer to the hidden truth behind that engagement ring “bling bling”. Here were your top posts and the back stories on what prompted me to write them.

*Posts chosen based on comments. [Read more…]


I can think of many benefits of waiting until entering your 30s to tie the knot. However, one fairly common challenge like-minded individuals often face is figuring out how and what habits and behaviors to abandon. Many topics can fall under this umbrella, but I’d like to specifically discuss privacy. Individuals over 30 are generally more set in their ways than their younger counterparts; often leading to a more interesting adjustment period. According to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, Privacy is defined as freedom from unauthorized intrusion. [Read more…]

Final Friday with Cousin Mars: Marriage Advice – Well…kinda

I’ve heard the term “Birds of a feather flock together” throughout my childhood. I felt as though my mother and most influential high school teacher repeated these words to me too often. It frustrated me. By the way, I continued hearing this through college and even in the work place. When I got engaged, I started reminding myself of this all too familiar phrase. [Read more…]

Final Fridays with Cousin Mars – She Made Me A Better Man


I needed a provocative title in order to pique your interest. In a moment you’ll understand why I chose it. This post may be my most personal Final Fridays with Cousin Mars post to date. In fact, it may actually break a few of the privacy rules I set when I first agreed to contribute to The Ultimate Online Destination for Black Brides. I have received such positive reviews, via emails and post comments, over the past sixteen months. At the risk of sounding extremely corny, I feel as though the Black Bridal Bliss audience deserves a more open Cousin Mars.

[Read more…]

Final Fridays With Cousin Mars – No Tigers in My Bathroom (MUST-SEE VIDEO!)

Seven nights. Five guys. Four countries. Ages range from thirty three through thirty eight. What am I talking about? A subject previously covered on Final Fridays with Cousin Mars: Bachelor Parties. [Read more…]

Confessions of a Groom: I Didn’t Think I’d Cry

Three toasts on a night full of joyous emotion replay in my head days after my wedding ceremony. In a past post I discussed the pressure and responsibility of delivering the Best Man toast, well each of the toasts given in my honor delivered in a big way. At the time that I wrote the last post regarding the highly anticipated speech, I didn’t think about the groom’s reaction. Well, I now know what my reaction was. Below I share my experience as the man of the hour. [Read more…]

Final Fridays with Cousin Mars: The Best Man Toast

Cousin Mars explains why the "BEST MAN TOAST" is kind of a big deal.

Thus far in my life, I’ve had the opportunity to give only one Best Man speech. [Read more…]

Final Fridays with Cousin Mars: Wedding Registry Remix

After recently attending a Logitech product preview event, I thought...

I’ve already shared how to get your hubby-to-be more involved with wedding planning. The registry portion of wedding planning may actually be the toughest for some men nearing the altar to swallow (it can be soooo boring). Well, that is if it is being done the traditional way. The wedding registry selection already requires so much thought. What store(s)? Are the chosen stores accessible to most of the invited guests? Must we stick to the traditional items (i.e. pots, pans and sheets)? With the average age of people saying “I Do” rising, individuals preparing to jump the broom often possess many of the items typically placed on these registries. This post will share what many guys really want to put on The List. My next step is to petition Logitech to begin offering a wedding registry service…even if this service is only offered to me. [Read more…]

Final Friday with Cousin Mars: The Bachelor Party

Do you really want to know? Honestly, there are only three likely categories of a bachelor party.

1st. – A boring to mild night/weekend with several of his friends and possibly co-workers. This night may or may not include female entertainment. If it does include female entertainment, don’t worry — chances are that your set of tatas weren’t the only pair viewed prior to that night. But so what, didn’t he have cable television already anyway? Believe it or not, he has already compared yours to some celebrity…and guess what…He gave you the ring, right? [Read more…]

Join Triple B for Our First TWITTER CHAT with Cousin Mars!

DON'T MISS our fun TWITTER CHAT with COUSIN MARS this Thursday at 9PM EST!

Guess what? Your favorite “play cousin” will be joining Triple B for an exciting chat on Twitter this week! That’s right, Cousin Mars will share his always honest and often hilarious point of view on all things weddings this Thursday, May 30th at 9PM EST. It promises to be a lively exchange as the discussion — moderated by moi — will cover topics like how to get your groom more involved in wedding planning, groomsmaids, groom’s cakes, jack and jill bachelor/ette parties and more.

The best part? You can ask Mars anything…Yes, anything. Even those burning questions you’ve been wanting answered like how to tell if your beau is ready for marriage. Mars will be an open book. So do join us; and tell a friend…Or three. We’ll be using hashtags: #marsspeaks and #bbbchat.

See ya on Twitter Thursday night!

Cousin Mars – Ultimatums…Do They Work?

Cousin Mars posts typically go up on the last Friday of the month but got pushed back a little last week because of Triple B’s 3rd Anniversary celebration! This is a touchy one, y’all. I look forward to reading your feedback (whether you agree or disagree) in the comments.

Ultimatums in romantic relationships are often joked about. In fact, many people in my circle have been on the receiving end. As I get older (not old, just older) I find more and more associates sharing stories of some pretty bold ultimatums. These have ranged from cohabitating, marriage, having children and a myriad of others. As recent as two weeks ago, while interviewing for a Triple B post last week, I was told about an ultimatum that led to a proposal. [Read more…]

Final Fridays with Cousin Mars – Husband Material

3 Signs a Man Is Ready

Is it after one year? Is it after he introduces you to mom? How about when he is comfortable enough to say “I love you” in the presence of his friends? Oh yeah…this one is good…what about after he gives you a key to his place? Having many close friends of the opposite sex, I’ve been amazed at the types of clues some women looked for to determine if their significant other was indeed ready for marriage. Being a dude that has been on more than just a few dates (____ READ HERE ____), I can tell you that none of the previously mentioned clues is enough to think that he is ready for that leap. [Read more…]

Final Friday with Cousin Mars – Groom’s Cakes

Happy New Year, folx. May this year be your best year yet. Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, I’ll get to business. I have a different type of post for you guys today. Cousin Mars is trying to look out for you.

Last fall I was introduced to Groom’s Cakes. For whatever reasons, I had never heard of these things. However, now that I have…Whoa Baby! [Read more…]

Final Friday with Cousin Mars – Do Men Get the Baby Itch?

Triple B's resident male blogger Cousin Mars gives his three cents on the male baby itch.

So you’re wondering if men get the baby itch? Of course men get The Baby Itch. Why wouldn’t we? The biggest difference relates to when and why our itch arrives. It APPEARS (whether true, or not) to many men that a large percentage of women place having a child on their life’s To Do List. It actually seems as though having a child is part of a hopeful accomplishment list for many women. Conversely, men often attempt to check off all items on the hopeful accomplishment list prior to procreating. [Read more…]

Cousin Mars: What Goes Through His Mind Before Proposing?

Triple B's only male blogger shares the deets on what men think about proposing.

Okay, I have to admit this is a tough one. I may lose my Dude Card for this post, but HEY…this is for Triple B. Popping the big question takes a BIG pair (you know what I mean). Please understand that most men take the fiancee-to-be, her friends and family, his friends and family, and finances (depending on the dude, of course) into consideration prior to Popping the BIG QUESTION. [Read more…]

Cousin Mars: How to Get Him Involved in Wedding Planning

Triple B's own Cousin Mars shares an honest male pov on getting grooms involved in wedding planning.

So, you’d like to know how to get him to participate more with the wedding planning. In order to accomplish this we must first attempt to understand his point of view. It should be safe to assume that you are extremely excited about beginning this new chapter in your life. A chapter that you might have dreamed of for many years. A chapter that, in a sense, ends life as you know it and allows you to begin a new life with your soul mate. Okay, back to him. [Read more…]

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