Hot New Wedding Video from One Sound & Entertainment!

One Sound & Entertainment knows how to rock a wedding reception!

Triple B’s favorite wedding DJ…ahem…entertainer (because he does so much more than spin records!) DJ Battle of One Sound & Entertainment recently released a hot video with wedding inspiration galore. Check it out! [Read more…]

Tips from a Top Wedding DJ

A DJ can make or break your wedding reception.

Shaking my tailfeather at a reception is one of the highlights of attending any wedding. While on the surface I enjoy getting my two-step on, I think we can all agree certain tunes bring us pure joy. The universal language in all of her genres  instantly transport us back to our middle school crush, a sweet first kiss or a warm memory with a deceased loved one. Music and her first cousin dance are essential to a fun-filled and memorable wedding reception and helps us celebrate a special union all while creating new memories that we will later reminisce about in years to come. (Why does everyone have a relative who likes to visit the open bar way too much, flirt with all the young, single guests and never knows when to stop doing the cha cha slide?) [Read more…]

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