Bridgette’s Pick of the Week: Five Fab Financial Experts You Should Know

I recently checked in with brides-to-be on Instagram about the things that were most challenging about planning their wedding. One of the number one responses was staying on budget. Here are five financial resources to help any bride learn to better manage her money in the days leading up to “I Do” and well after as well.

Triple B is bigger than weddings. We’re serious about providing trusted resources for and by Black brides well beyond their nuptials. because this undoubtedly helps to build stronger families and ultimately stronger communities. The five women you’re about to meet are driven, fly, funny, know their ish and perhaps most important: They’re not preachy. Each of them are helping me achieve my financial goals and I sincerely think they can help you and your family too. You’re welcome! [Read more…]


Money matters! Gets tips on how to merge your finances on BNYCU!

Money matters! Gets tips on how to merge your finances on BNYCU!

Get tips on how to merge your finances when you get married  here 

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Marriage Matters Monday – The Italian Honeymoon That Never Happened

Mr. TK & I chillaxin’ in Aruba three months after getting engaged

“Man can plan but God can hinder.”

Growing up, I listened to my North Carolina-born mom and grandmother recite the above sentence countless times and it typically left me perplexed. Now as a married, 30-something year-old woman I get it. In fact, my new marriage and now postponed honeymoon are prime examples of this saying.

Before I get into the who, what and why of my honeymoon being postponed, let me explain a few things: I work in an industry where frontin’ is embraced. I thought long and hard about whether or not I wanted to post this because I was nervous about oversharing and exposing too much of me and the hubby’s business to the world wide web. But upon careful consideration, I concluded (after running it by him) that I should because if I experienced it, someone else probably has, too. So here goes… [Read more…]

Marriage Matters Monday: Money Talks

One of Triple B's recommended tools for nearlywed and newlywed couples.

Deciding to marry someone can be a beautiful, blissful experience filled with happy, fun-filled moments. But it also comes with important conversations about finances. It can be daunting for even the most organized “together” couple. Talks arise of who will manage the household bills, wills, life/health insurance, income taxes (Should we file jointly or separately?), retirement savings, the awkward way that family and finances can often intersect — the list goes on and on. What’s a nearlywed couple to do? Well, Mr. TK and I are having some of these very conversations (I’m quite proud of our progress thus far!) and as our wedding date quickly approaches, I’m considering turning to the tools below to keep us on track: [Read more…] Book GIVEAWAY!

Find out how you can win a FREE copy of this book!

Happy Friday! Remember this recent post about how romance and finance can truly live happily ever after? Well the featured expert, Dr. Taffy Wagner, has offered to give away an autographed copy of her book Bride and Groom Money Talk FAQ ($9.95, Money Talk Matters, LLC) to a reader of my choice. You recall how fun our last book giveaway was, right? Keep reading to find out how this informative book can be yours!
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Marriage Matters: Love & Money

Marriage Matters Meets Money Matters

Some say there’s no romance without finance. Since many claim money matters are a significant part of why marriages succeed (or don’t), I checked in with Dr. Taffy Wagner, author of Bride and Groom Money Talk FAQ: Financial Advice for Brides and Grooms. Read on for her expertise on debt-inducing weddings, bad credit and the importance of communication.
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