What do you think of this bride and her babes? #BRIDALPARTYGOALS


These beauties are slaying in their matching bathing suits and headwraps. I also love a pair of oversized sunglasses! [Read more…]

Bridgette’s Pick of the Week – Bachelorette Fun in Washington, D.C.

Triple B on the scene in DC!

Triple B on the scene in DC!

Jetting off to Las Vegas or Miami are expected destinations for bachelorette fun but did you ever consider turning up in Washington, D.C. for your last days as a single woman? Surprisingly, there are lots of ways to make that “last fling before the ring” trip unforgettable in Chocolate City. Check out our roundup of where to stay, play and eat for a truly memorable bachelorette trip in the nation’s capital! [Read more…]

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