Final Fridays with Cousin Mars – Grooming The Groom

cousin mars on black bridal bliss

Having gone through the wedding planning process, I know first hand how little attention a groom can receive in comparison to a bride.  Many brides have a team dedicated to helping them look their best the day they plan to jump the broom. Dudes are thought to be “ballin’ when they opt to have their barber present to give them a fresh cut just minutes before walking down the aisle. Your favorite cousin is here to help you with GROOMING THE GROOM. [Read more…]

Mars vs. Venus – Critique of a Groom’s Look

Mr. Chappelle looking like $1,000,000!

Cousin Mars thinks – I’ll start by saying I am a huge Chappelle fan. I probably wouldn’t be too critical of any outfit he wore. Fortunately for me, Dave made critiquing this look a cinch. [Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. – My Groom’s Wedding Day Attire

You Match My Fly: Resident Bride-to-Be Nicole's Fiance, Leonard, suited up on New Year's Eve

Leonard definitely has what one would call swag. He wears a uniform to work daily but cleans up very well.  He attributes his style to his Houston upbringing. Whether in jeans, a Polo, and a fresh pair of tennis shoes or a suit and tie, Leonard takes great pride in his appearance and can make any ensemble look good. I’ve never doubted his taste. My female friends often talk about having to give their men direction when it comes to picking out gifts for them, especially shoes or clothes. On several occasions Leonard has picked out shoes for me as a gift and I’ve always be happy with his choices. Despite having to deal with his cockiness, I’m happy to have a guy with such great style.      [Read more…]

5 Tips for Customizing Groom Fashion

Triple B has style scoop for the hubby-to-be!

It’s all about the fellas today! Many think all the groom has to do in order to prepare for his wedding day is rent any ‘ole tux and show up at the church. Not so! Keep reading for Triple B’s exclusive tips fromVijay Tharwani, owner of Custom Men. Custom Men is a leader in custom men’s tailoring. Check it out:
[Read more…]

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