The Road to Mrs.: Do We Need a Wedding Planner?

Nadine rejoicing after beating her beau Sean in a game of Wii. Like then, the couple has to find ways to get over when they don't see eye-to-eye during the planning process.

Now that the preliminary plans for our nuptials are out of the way, you would think I’d be in chill mode. Breathe a little easier perhaps? Not quite yet. Sean and I have yet to answer one important question: Do we need a wedding planner? [Read more…]

INTERVIEW: Wedding Planning Veteran Linnyette Richardson-Hall Shares Her Expert Tips

Linnyette Richardson-Hall: The Wedding Diva

He popped the question and you screamed “Yes!” Or maybe you popped the question and he… Either way, you and your beloved have decided to wed and want to include your loved ones in your big day. Before you set a date, pick a venue or choose a bridal party, you’ve probably thought about hiring a wedding planner. But, whether or not you can you afford one, deciding if they are really necessary, wondering if he or she will truly understand your vision are all issues you’re weighing at the moment.

Well, Triple B has come to the rescue. Since everyone can’t plan a fab wedding on their own like Cleo and Lyncoln, we caught up with the self-proclaimed wedding diva, Linnyette Richardson-Hall to address all your wedding planner dilemmas. The Baltimore native, who you might recognize from the Style Channel’s Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?, has been in the bridal biz for nearly 20 years. Read on to find out why planners are not solely for rich folks, why you shouldn’t ignore your hubby-to-be in the planning process and how to avoid becoming a dreaded bridezilla. [Read more…]

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