5 Ways to Ensure Your Bridesmaids Don’t Hate You After Your Wedding

Where My Girls At? Blissful bride Alexis Stoudemire flanked by her bridal party moments before the main event!

Being a bridesmaid isn’t easy. I know, I’ve been one…hmmm, let’s just say a lot. There are dozens of ways for brides to piss their attendants off in the midst of wedding planning but below are five painless ways to keep friendships in tact so that your girls are still your girls by the time you leave for your honeymoon. [Read more…]

BlackBridalBliss.com in the News!

Shameless Plug: Triple B dishes to The Atlanta Post about the cost of being a bridesmaid!

Happy Friday, folks! I’m a beaming proud mama today because BlackBridalBliss.com was used as an expert source in an article again. This time around I was asked about the financial burden of being a bridesmaid¬†for yesterday’s Atlanta Post. Here’s the link and please feel free to share it. Have an awesome weekend.

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