The Road to Mrs. – My Bachelorette Party was Fantastic (Plus a VIDEO with My Fiance!)

Jene's recaps her unforgettable bachelorette party!

My bachelorette party, my bachelorette party, my bachelorette party! Where do I start? It was absolutely, positively fantastic. I had a great time. My girls chartered a party bus. A party bus. They recruited Shawn to help them surprise me. He blindfolded me and walked me outside to where they were waiting to whisk me away. We made several stops in Manhattan and TURNED OUT every single one. From the great food, the fun games, the alcohol laced snacks (they had booze in everything: the gummy bears, the fruit, the cake pops, etc.) and the err…. uh…. adult entertainment, they made sure I had a night to remember and I sure did. What a way to close my life’s single chapter! They did a fantastic job. [Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. – I’ve Lost 50 Pounds!

Bride-to-be Jene has lost TWO dress sizes in preparation for her big day!

Losing weight for my wedding day and sharing the journey with you was the premise of starting this blog on Triple B. While that may have been the reason for it’s origin, it has morphed into so much more. I have found support, advice and cathartic release here. I have shared, I have cried. I have enjoyed every minute of it. This blog has become so much more than a weight loss chronicle. But with my wedding less than a month away, this week I am returning to the beginning. [Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. – We Got Our Marriage License!

Jene's "road to mrs" is quickly getting shorter!

Okay. It is officially getting real to me. We went to the courthouse, filed our paperwork and left with a tentative marriage license in hand.  In exactly a month from now I will be Mrs. Royshawn Harrison. I honestly wasn’t expecting to be a nervous wreck, but anxiety has reared its head. [Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. – Family Disappointments & Other Lessons in Wedding Planning

Triple B's Road to Mrs. blogger has become overwhelmed by bridal magazines!

I was met with some disappointment this week. Unlike Shawn, whose family is massive, mine is quite small. I have three brothers and it meant a lot to me to have each of them play a role in my wedding day. My baby brother Trevor is enlisted in the United States Army. We had him slated to be a groomsman in the wedding party. However, because of an upcoming deployment to Afghanistan, not only will he be unable to be in the wedding, but his leave request was denied to even attend. [Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. – My Bachelorette Party Dilemma

Jene and her fiance Royshawn respect each other's opinions on their bachelor/ette festivities.

To Bachelor/Bachelorette party or not to Bachelor/Bachelorette party…That is the question. For some reason this topic strikes strong emotions in my house but not in the way most would think. [Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. – My Guest List Nightmare!

Triple B's resident bride-to-be Jene has the wedding guest list blues...

All bridal party dresses delivered, check. Pre-marital counseling with the pastor, check. Wedding bands selected, check. Invitations in the mail…here lies the problem.

Composing the guest list has been the most difficult task of the wedding planning thus far. [Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. – 60 Day Countdown!

Road to Mrs. blogger Jene has exactly TWO MONTHS until her wedding day!

One of the most nerve-racking things about blending two families is hoping everyone gets along.  As I have stated before both my mother and Shawn’s mother live out of town.  So the opportunity to get everyone together at the same time had never presented itself.  My mother came to New York in June.  While she was here we took that time to introduce her to his grandmother and aunt.  Success!!!  I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.  They all bonded instantly. It was a prayerful, crying (tears of joy) good time.  Everyone got along so well we had to pull them apart or they would have had church way into the night.  Out of all the possible wedding day stressors, the God family drama won’t be one of them. [Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. – Through Sickness and in Health

Road to Mrs. blogger Jene and her fiance Royshawn are learning to lean on each other through life's struggles before they say "I Do".

It has been a long time Triple B. I deliberated long and hard over whether or not to share the reason for my absence. And while it was very hard and extremely personal, it is my hope that by sharing I can help someone else. [Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. – Weight Loss & Sanity Gained

Road to Mrs. Blogger Jene

The original concept for my blog on Triple B was based on my attempt to lose weight before my big day. Surprisingly it has taken on a life of its own. I’ve touched on so many other subjects I never expected to hit on. I have enjoyed every minute of it; but unfortunately my weight loss attempts are suffering. With just over three months until our wedding day my body is betraying me.

[Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. – Balancing My Fiance & My Friends

On the road to Mrs. Jene is learning to balance time with her beau and her buddies!

One of the trickiest balancing acts you have to learn when you decide to get married is the one of time management between your single girlfriends and your new spouse.  This is especially when your social life revolved around your girls before your relationship. It is delusional to think changes wont be necessary.

[Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. – I Love My Future In-Laws!

Family Bliss: Road to Mrs. blogger Jene with her future mother-in-law and fiance Royshawn.

The closer it gets to our wedding date, the more real it all becomes. I have been completely living in la la land when it comes to wedding planning. While I have hit some bumps in the road along the way, for the most part it has all been pretty easy.  Way too easy apparently since now it’s anything but. Shawn and I joke we can’t wait for our wedding day.  We can’t wait for it to come and go. Planning a wedding is all consuming, and frankly exhausting. However, it’s worth it and even with all the stress, becoming a “Mrs.” Has its high points. A high point for me is that the family of my fiance has enveloped me.

[Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. – I Hired a Wedding Planner!

Road to Mrs. blogger Jene said "I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do" to her new wedding planner!

It is crunch time and thus far I have approached wedding planning as a DIY bride. I am very proud of the accomplishments I have made on my own. Especially since event planning on this scale is not my forte. The bulk of the major decisions have been made.  Contracts, deposits and price negotiations are done, but here is where I have hit a wall.  I am secure enough to acknowledge where my strengths are lacking, and the little details of décor and implementation for the reception is where I cry UNCLE!

I have decided to enlist the help of a planner. One of my bridesmaids recently had a party celebrating her birthday, and her planner did a fabulous job. I was so impressed in fact, I begged my friend for her contact information. I was beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed at this phase of the planning process and I saw this as God answering my prayers. [Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. – Nixing the Peanut Gallery

Learning to tune out those around you is necessary for many brides-to-be.

In planning my wedding I have come to realize something I wasn’t expecting when I first started: Everyone you know has an opinion, a request or feels a way about something when it comes to your day. Now this is not always a negative. But one thing is for sure; it adds pressure to an already stressful situation. The trap a lot of brides fall into, me included, is wanting to please everyone. Guess what? It’s not possible.
[Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. – A Moment of Clarity

Road to Mrs. blogger Jene is determined not to neglect her fiance in the midst of planning their wedding.

First Triple B let me apologize, technical difficulty caused me not to post last week. I missed you guys and I am happy to be back.

As of today there are 144 days until my wedding. Time is really flying. However even with the looming presence of a ticking clock and days on the calendar flying by, I choose to remind myself the “wedding” isn’t the highlight of September 15, 2012 in my life.  As a soon to be bride, blogging on a bridal site I know this statement seems strange. I can explain. [Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. – Wedding Planning Highs and Lows

Triple B's resident bride-to-be dancing the night away! Her teenage daughter and maid of honor thinks she's "spicy" and wouldn't you agree?

Success! God is good, and prayer works.  My bridal party has been successfully outfitted. The second outing with my bridesmaids went better than I could have hoped. So well in fact, that within an hour and a half all three ladies were in agreeance, fitted and had their dresses ordered. Yay!
[Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. – Bridesmaid Dress Nightmare

Jene with two of her bridesmaids during happier times...

Okay, it’s official. I had my first bride-to-be melt down moment.  It has all been so easy thus far, that is until it came down to dress shopping for the bridal party. Can you say EPIC FAIL?
[Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. – I Am Not My Hair


Bride-to-be Jene sometimes wears her naturally curly 'do...

I know this is a break from my norm, but this week I would like to expound on another Triple B entry: Wedding Day Hair Drama: Natural Versus Straight. About three years ago I made the decision to get off the “creamy crack” and go natural. I would tell anyone who would listen; my ultimate goal was to have a big Jill Scott afro.  [Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. – What About Your Friends?

Bride-to-be Jene has been getting lots of love from her friends since getting engaged!

I have been overwhelmed by the kindness of people ever since Shawn and I have become engaged.  It’s funny, as a cynical New Yorker I was gearing up to deflect the shade I was sure would come with making such an announcement.  Surprisingly, for the most part my experience has been just the opposite.  Stating with the support and encouragement I have gotten from Triple B.  When I first began blogging on Triple B I was nervous about opening up and putting myself out there.  But what a great choice it was to do it.  I am so grateful to the Triple B family for their acceptance.

[Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. – My Six Month Wedding Countdown

Jene and her fiance Royshawn have officially begun the six month countdown to their September wedding!

Hey Triple B! I missed you guys last week. I was down with a cold and wasn’t able to post. I am happy to be back on my feet and really glad to be back with you guys.

The realization that my wedding day is six months away has begun to settle in, and I am officially freaking out. While we have solidified quite a few things already, there is still so much left to do and time is speeding by. [Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. – Why I Chose Couple’s Therapy

Contrary to popular belief, many Black couples choose counseling before they say "I Do".

When Shawn and I decided to take our relationship to the next level I had one condition to marriage and that was pre-marital counseling. There was no doubt in my mind that I loved this man and wanted to be his wife. But I don’t care how many sappy love songs you play, it is not true that “Love Is All We Need”.  In a successful relationship you also need patience, communication and understanding. He and I are both of a certain age (in my Wendy Williams voice) and along with age comes being settled in your ways and slow to compromise, which can be the death of any relationship. [Read more…]

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