The Road to Mrs. – My Wedding is Two Weeks Away!

Nae shares her final words with Triple B before her trip down the aisle.

My Road to Mrs. will come to an end in a mere two weeks and wow…..What a journey this has been! Planning for our special day has been exciting, overwhelming, fun and exhausting. Every couple’s experience with wedding planning is different but here are a few things that really made our process work well for us: [Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. with Nae – Why I’m Not Having a Wedding Registry

Traditionally wedding registries allowed couples to choose household items (specifically china, silver and crystal patterns) that they preferred to have in the building of their new life as a married couple and share these preferences with wedding guests in order to prevent unwanted gifts. The use of wedding registries has evolved into several more modern alternatives. Online, honeymoon, charity and even cash registries are just some of the more popular registries today. [Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. with Nae – Guest List, Invitations and Seating, Oh My! Part 3

Does planning your reception seating chart feel like a science project?

As a guest of many weddings over the years, I’ve seen how the reception seating arrangement can have a significant impact on the guest experience. Given that Mr. DrummerBoy and I have opted on a less formal reception by having a station-style meal rather than a plated one, we initially considered open seating for the reception. [Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. – Guest List, Invitations and Seating, Oh My! Part 2

She’s baaa-aaack! In a follow-up to her buzz-worthy Part I on Invitations, Triple B contributor Nae returns with the 411 on her invitation suite designs and more. As always, show love in the comments.

Once we had the guest list finalized, it was time to choose our invitation suite. Early on in the planning process I attended a bridal event at a stationery store. All of the talk about letterpress and typeset made me realize that Mr. DrummerBoy and I would not be going the traditional wedding stationery route. After browsing several different styles, we decided on the Love Story design above (picture from Pinterest). [Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. – Guest List Invitations and Seating, Oh My!

It is amazing how many presumptive inquiries Mr. DrummerBoy and I began receiving after announcing our engagement. Questions like “Have you picked your colors yet? I like to try and coordinate with the wedding party” and statements like “I hope you’re inviting a good proportion of single men and women so that I can meet someone.” Ummm…Really? [Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. – My Style to the Aisle Bridal Expo Recap

Triple B's Road to Mrs. blogger Nae shares the 411 on DC's Style to the Aisle Bridal Show!

Last weekend I attended the Style to the Aisle, A Bride’s Runway event at L’Enfant Plaza Hotel in Washington, D.C. Created by Michelle Davis of Memorable Moments Event Planning Co. in Baltimore, MD, this one-of-a-kind bridal fashion event brings brides face to face with designers, bridal boutiques, models, photographers, makeup artists and hair stylists. This event is different from most bridal shows/expos in that it is centered around Michelle’s belief that the aisle is a bride’s personal runway and every bride is a celebrity on their special day. Who can argue with that? [Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. – Sanctity of the Wedding Ceremony

Our Road to Mrs. blogger Nae shares her wedding ceremony wishlist.

I was recently asked by a family member which sanctuary we would be using for our wedding ceremony. My immediate response (courtesy of a combination of being my mother’s child and sharing my fiancé’s penchant for snark) was “we’re having our ceremony in the original sanctuary – the garden”. Religious traditions and sarcasm aside, this reminded me of the significance of the wedding ceremony and how most of the time the focus of the wedding is often the reception. [Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. – My Fiance Has a Groomsmaid

Triple B's Road to Mrs. blogger Nae opens up about her unconventional bridal party...And why she wouldn't have it any other way!

Choosing a bridal party is a significant step in planning your wedding. Some opt to forego an entourage and keep the focus of the big day on the two coming together as one. As has become par for our course, Mr. DrummerBoy and I went about choosing our wedding day companions in a completely different manner.

[Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. – Wedding Planning Decisions!

Find out what six (!) major decisions Nae has made for her summer wedding.

Decisions, decisions, decisions! I began my wedding planning journey by attending a few bridal shows in order to get a handle on the various vendors and options: [Read more…]

The Road to Mrs: Meet Nae!

I’m very pleased to announce Triple B has a brand new Road to Mrs. blogger! Meet Nae, a DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) based bride-to-be who personally reached out to me because she wanted to share with you all her musings on wedding planning. In addition to posting here, Nae maintains her own lifestyle blog, I Choose the Sun. Nae is scheduled to get hitched this June and will be blogging here every Thursday until then. Check out her story and don’t forget to leave her some love in the comments, y’all! [Read more…]

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