Saying "I Do" at 50+: Comedic Actress Kim Coles and her honey are tying the knot

Saying “I Do” at 50+: Comedic Actress Kim Coles and her honey are tying the knot

Comedian Kim Cole is 53 and engaged! Get all the details here

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Bridal News You Can Use

Isabel Marant on Black Bridal Bliss

Isabel Marant fuchsia spring jacket

Spring coats for the bride! Find your favorite here [Read more…]

Tie The Knot Tuesday: Bridgette and Anthony’s Bliss (part one)


Tie The Knot Tuesday Presents: The Royalls

Couple: Bridgette and Anthony
Wedding Date: September 14, 2013
Wedding Location: (ceremony) The Cloisters at Ft. Tryon Park, Upper Manhattan, NY, (reception) Londel’s Restaurant, Harlem, NY
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Bridgette’s Pick of the Week – Bright Idea for Outdoor Weddings!

Don't Let This Happen to You!

Don’t you hate attending an outdoor affair like a wedding — dressed to the nines in your Sunday Best — and your heels sink into the grass, dirt, etc. It absolutely sucks! Plus, it can ruin your shoes. Until recently, the only real way around this was wearing wedges. But, check this out! [Read more…]

Tie the Knot Tuesday – Tewanna & Marshall

Tewanna & Marshall Become One

Bride: Tewanna Sanders, 34
Groom: Marshall Brazzley, 35
Occupations: Tewanna, non-profit professional; Marshall, nurse
Homebase: Charlotte, North Carolina
Wedding Date: June 12, 2010
Wedding Location: Hilton University Place, Charlotte, North Carolina
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