The Road to Mrs. – The Reality of Pinterest When Wedding Planning

Oh, Pinterest. It’s easy, addictive and a seemingly unlimited resource for um, everything! The fact that it allows you to create “secret” boards (which is perfect for planning your wedding even before you have a steady boo) is more than enough reason to looooove it!

The downside, when it comes to planning a wedding, [Read more…]


Rihanna might be the best bridesmaid ever!

Rihanna might be the best bridesmaid ever!

These celebrity bridesmaids took #SquadGoals to a new level. See the photos here

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The Road to Mrs. – Wedding Planning Decisions!

Find out what six (!) major decisions Nae has made for her summer wedding.

Decisions, decisions, decisions! I began my wedding planning journey by attending a few bridal shows in order to get a handle on the various vendors and options: [Read more…]

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