Bridgette’s Pick of the Week: Honeymoon Registires

Honeymoon Dreamin': I snapped this pic while in South Africa a few years ago. (And yes, those gorgeous calla lilies grow WILD there!)

Blame it on the unseasonably chilly temps in New York City but I’ve been thinking about vacations a lot these days. Which has me pondering about honeymoon registries… First and foremost, contrary to traditional belief, I don’t think they’re tacky (as long as it isn’t mentioned anywhere on the invitation). Whether or not I will actually use them for my own union is up for debate but I do think modern registries like those offered by Amazon and Hatch My House are super cool and practical. But back to honeymoon registries…There are several out there and since I will be checking them out with the beau pretty soon to see if they fit our desires and needs, I figured I should share my findings here on Triple B.  [Read more…]