Tuesday Throwback – The Wedding Wobble

Yesterday I bumped into a dear colleague who informed me that she had been searching the site for the below video and was disappointed that she couldn’t find it. The Triple B TV videos that live on the right rail of this site get switched out every week or so. I originally posted this video last year and replaced it long ago so it sadly became Triple B history. But since so many of you seemingly enjoyed it and might be searching for it here as my colleague was, I’ve brought it back. It is such a feel-good lil’ diddy and apparently the recent Steel Magnolias remake has it on many radars again. I wonder if I can pull off something like this at my own wedding without my fiance thinking I’m (more) nuts. Hmmm…

Five Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Reception

A pair of Leslie Short's very satisfied newlyweds!

Are you looking for ways to make your wedding reception more personal and less cookie-cutter yet still classy? I thought you might be so I checked in with NYC wedding planner Leslie Short of K.I.M. Media. Short was the marketing mastermind behind groundbreaking sportswear label FUBU. These days she’s orchestrating jaw-dropping nuptials — her work has been featured in The New York Times — and working her mojo to help couples get the most bank for their bridal buck. She’s a beast when it comes to planning events so take heed to her advice. Oh and none of her tips will send you to the poorhouse! [Read more…]

Marriage Matters Monday: A Couple That Dances Together…

Got the Monday blues? Just watch this. I guarantee it will make you feel better. Courtesy of the good folks over at Black and Married with Kids. Enjoy!

Dancin’ Duo: Laurie and Frank

Choreographed by Paul Bruschi and Leon von Brown of Studio Dionne School of Dance and Music in Atlanta, GA

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