11 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Day!


10+ Ways to Get the Most Bang for Your Bridal Buck on BlackEnterprise.com

Howdy! My apologies for being a little MIA but life has me pulled in upteen directions as of late. I’m blessed to be so busy but I cannot continue as I was and have learned to ask for help (thanks Mom!) as I work on improving my time-management (thanks Mr. TK!).

Now you really don’t give a bleep about all that, you’re trying to plan a wedding! And in the midst of one of this country’s biggest financial meltdowns no less. I mean ish was already tight but trust there will be trickle-down from this recent stock market fiasco. Although the bridal industry is recession-proof, nearlyweds will be even more interested in ways to do more with less. So, check out my BlackEnterprise.com piece chock-full of tips to get you the most bang for your bridal buck.
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