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First Date on Black Bridal Bliss

Visit a local winery for your first date.

10 amazing dates you won’t want to end! Such awesome ideas here 

Bridesmaids dresses you’ll want to wear post wedding. Ladies you be the judge here  [Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. – Sanctity of the Wedding Ceremony

Our Road to Mrs. blogger Nae shares her wedding ceremony wishlist.

I was recently asked by a family member which sanctuary we would be using for our wedding ceremony. My immediate response (courtesy of a combination of being my mother’s child and sharing my fiancé’s penchant for snark) was “we’re having our ceremony in the original sanctuary – the garden”. Religious traditions and sarcasm aside, this reminded me of the significance of the wedding ceremony and how most of the time the focus of the wedding is often the reception. [Read more…]

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