EXCLUSIVE Discount From One Sound and Entertainment!

One Sound and Entertainment gets the party started and wants to offer YOU a discount!

Well, you guys sure are getting an early Christmas from me! The good folks over One Sound and Entertainment got wind of the discounts Triple B was doling out today and asked to join in on the fun. And who am I to deny them or you? DJ Battle Heavyweight, the talented music man who brought you these fab tips, is offering anyone who mentions BlackBridalBliss.com a 10% discount off of any One Sound and Entertainment’s services until midnight on December 31,2010. [Read more…]

The Road to Mrs.: Keeping Guests Entertained

Former Tie the Knot Tuesday couple, Camille and Uchenna, know how to get the party started!

Think about the last great wedding you went to. Though most brides wouldn’t want to hear it, but I’m guessing it wasn’t the lovely centerpieces, or the couple’s custom wedding logo that you remember. You know it was the abundance of delicious cocktails and all the good times on the dance floor that stayed on your mind days following. Everyone loves a good party! Sure, a wedding is really all about the couple who’s making it official, but why invite a bunch of people to help celebrate if you’re not going to party like it’s 1999? [Read more…]

Tips from a Top Wedding DJ

A DJ can make or break your wedding reception.

Shaking my tailfeather at a reception is one of the highlights of attending any wedding. While on the surface I enjoy getting my two-step on, I think we can all agree certain tunes bring us pure joy. The universal language in all of her genres  instantly transport us back to our middle school crush, a sweet first kiss or a warm memory with a deceased loved one. Music and her first cousin dance are essential to a fun-filled and memorable wedding reception and helps us celebrate a special union all while creating new memories that we will later reminisce about in years to come. (Why does everyone have a relative who likes to visit the open bar way too much, flirt with all the young, single guests and never knows when to stop doing the cha cha slide?) [Read more…]

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