The Road to Mrs. with Nae – Guest List, Invitations and Seating, Oh My! Part 3

Does planning your reception seating chart feel like a science project?

As a guest of many weddings over the years, I’ve seen how the reception seating arrangement can have a significant impact on the guest experience. Given that Mr. DrummerBoy and I have opted on a less formal reception by having a station-style meal rather than a plated one, we initially considered open seating for the reception. [Read more…]

Unique (and Affordable) Wedding Favors!

Fun Favor Finds!

Happy Monday! I’ve missed you guys terribly; please forgive the gaps in posts. Recently a nearlywed inquired about out-the-box wedding favors on the Triple B Facebook page. Remember you can always go the photo flipbook route (I just attended a huge wedding with one and it was a certified hit!) or choose to give back/pay it forward with a charity-based “favor”. Here are some other ideas beyond the predictable book of matches, cd or candles: [Read more…]

Add Some Flair to Your Wedding Reception!

Why not add a little spice to your reception?

We’ve all attended at least one wedding reception that nearly put us to sleep and one that was so much fun we talked about it for weeks! The common thread in the latter? A reception that was true to the newlyweds — whether the nuptials cost $5,000 or $500,000.

[Read more…]

Thoughtful Escort Cards and Colorful Wedding Gowns

Make your guests feel extra-special with this nifty idea!

Howdy! Today’s post covers two totally unrelated topics. Sue me. First, I wanted to share a cool lil’ tidbit I picked up yesterday regarding escort cards for the wedding reception.
[Read more…]

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