I really appreciate BBB. Marriage is definitely in the future for my boyfriend and I, sooner than later, and your site has helped gather tips and resources ahead of time. Triple B provides me with tools to be more prepared when that day actually comes and even after it is over. Not to mention I’m a sucker for all the Tie the Knot Tuesday love stories. It’s great to read about strong devoted couples and the pics and videos are always beautiful.
-Leah M., New York

I have always enjoyed looking at the Black Bridal Bliss website. BBB has opened up views on Black love and weddings. This site is inspiring and has shown me many ways in which couples can have fabulous weddings no matter the budget.
– Shauna B., Maryland

Thank you for keeping the site going! These images are necessary. Love the pics.
-Niema J, California

I just had my first bridal shower and I’m going to add a few things to my registry after reading the BBB post on what brides used most. Thanks, your blog is helpful and that is what keeps us all coming back for more!
@GAPeachinNYC (via Twitter)

Tie the Knot Tuesday couples helped me think of ways to mix American wedding traditions with West Indian ones!
@IMarriedaTexan (via Twitter)

Triple B is such an amazing site that shares the beauty of Black love. It gives inspiration to all reading the stories and learning how the path of two individuals joins together. The pictures, videos and information are priceless…I thank you! And anytime I have a friend getting married I share your site with them.
-LaToya M., New York

When Kevin and I got married, we knew it would be a small affair. Being on Triple B [via Tie the Knot Tuesday] allowed us to share our story with everyone that cared about us even if we could not have them at the ceremony. I work with college students and I am invested in each and every one of them. College can be hard for love. But my students were able to look at our story on BBB and see other stories. They reported back to me, men and women, “You all make me believe in love.”  That’s what it’s all about!  Black love is real.
-Daina T., Pennsylvania

Thanks for sharing the Tie the Knot Tuesday feature on the grooms’ reasons for proposing…I’m getting married in September and my decisions to propose are virtually the same as all of theirs! Thanks and keep doing what you do, your light is definitely shining!
-Terry G., Georgia

I love the elegance, intelligence and consistency of Triple B. I look forward to each posting, and I love Tie the Knot Tuesday!
-Miriam L. (via Facebook)

I love your website. I’m not currently in love but your site allows me to believe it is still out there. I enjoy seeing young Black love — keep doing what you’re doing!
-Lucretia R. (via Facebook)

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