You'll really impress the girls with this!

I discovered the subject of today’s post a couple years back while working in the beauty department of a magazine. Literally dozens of products came into the office daily so it was easy to get jaded about new lip gloss and eye shadow colors.
All the more reason for me to be so pumped about the Essie Nail Polish in Bachelorette Bash. I thought to myself, this polish will be perfect to dole out as bridal shower and/or bachelorette shindig gifts for those silly games we all engage in to celebrate the bride-to-be. Pretty darn cool, right? Even cooler, this creamy fuchsia hue will dazzle on the virtually every skin tone plus it’s a fun summer color for fingers or toes. Ladies, definitely keep this find in mind for the next bridal-related function you have to plan as well. I know lots of bridal parties enjoy a day at the spa before the wedding so this gift can be put to good use right away. Each bottle is eight bucks a pop but Essie is a trusted brand in nail care and the gift is practical…unlike many a shower gift I have received in my day.

Do you have a bridal shower or  bachelorette party find of your own? Spread love in the comments section.