Make sure your wedding photographer captures the moments that count.

Wedding photographers share a unique relationship with their clients. The info photographers need for truly memorable images is far more personal than the predictable checked boxes mentioned in most bridal mags or guide books in their wedding photo inventory lists. You know exactly what I’m referring to: bride with father shot, bridesmaids shot, bride walking down the aisle…

The latter in that list always gets me. Seriously, what reputable wedding photographer doesn’t know to shoot the bride walking down the aisle? Although it is always better to be safe than sorry, remember to give the photographer who will capture your big day as many of the nuances and idiosyncrasies of your loved ones as possible. This will ensure photos that are special and unique to your union. Every family — yes even yours – is complex, perhaps dysfunctional yet always colorful and entertaining. Why not pick those things up on camera?

For example when I get married, it would be imperative for the photographer to take candid shots of my brother during the sentimental parts of the day (vow readings, newlywed toasts, etc.) as he is one of my best friends and will probably be emotional during those times. Also a must are a couple of shots of me with my mom and her sisters. Those women are my definition of steel magnolias. Think about your own circle of loved ones…Is your future hubby’s niece like a daughter to him? Then insist that your photographer get a shot of them dancing together. Are you and the mother of the groom close? Ask for a shot of her helping you get dressed. Maybe you and your hubby-to-be are huge old school hip-hop fans. Consider a shot together in a b-girl and b-boy stance, circa 1988. With you dressed to the nines in your gown and he in this tux; this shot is guaranteed to be hilarious and cherished. These requests are not the norm but they could very well be your norm and you above all else want your wedding pics to reflect who you are as a couple and not some cookie cutter ideal of the “perfect nuptials”.

Just like choosing your videographer, finding the right photographer for your wedding day shouldn’t be stressful but it does require some critical thinking. Do your research, enjoy the process and remember to share a sentimental checklist with this trusted professional that accurately reflects you and your beau.

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Above image courtesy of Tiffany Atlas. View more of this groom’s wedding gallery here.