Find your garter personality!

For some brides, choosing the “perfect” garter is a big deal. And let’s face it; the garter “retrieval” is often one of the most anticipated parts of a wedding reception. (hee, hee) Fret not ladies, I checked in with Jaime over at Bleu Garters to get her top 5 Tips for Picking Your Perfect Garter. (If you’re not familiar with Bleu Garters, you should definitely check them out. Their garters are a nice “marriage” of unique and sexy.) Enjoy!

  1. FOCUS

You can help narrow your garter focus by identifying what your bridal style is. Do you gravitate towards: Traditional, Bling, Vintage, Contemporary, or Retro?

Traditional brides love a simple white silk fabric or ribbon garter with light blue embroidery.

Bling brides love fancy and sparkly styles… make sure there’s some shiny beading and sequins on your fabric or lace garter.

Vintage brides love lacy styles. Check out soft, lacy garters, perhaps incorporating a cameo or antique embellishment.

Contemporary brides love something unique and distinct. Get a garter in a fun, modern lace, or an unexpected color combination.

Retro brides love incorporating bows, hearts, buttons, or other playfully themed pieces.


Consider the silhouette of your wedding dress. Is it a tighter fitting sheath that requires you to  wear a flat, low profile garter? Or do you have a mid-size to fuller skirt and room for some garter frills? If you are wearing a sheath and fall in love with a bulky garter, don’t worry! Keep the garter off during your ceremony and reception. Just before the garter toss, sneak away and slip the garter on. You can be happy wearing the garter that you want, without displaying bumpy bulk underneath your dress.

Pretty meets sultry...


Do you want to incorporate a pop of color or keep your garter a traditional white with a touch of light blue? Feeling bold? Opt for a garter in your favorite bright color. Can’t decide? Choose a garter in white or ivory, and ask for a toss garter in whatever color you would like. You’ll have the best of both worlds: a classic garter with a fun punch of color!


Would you like to personalize your garter by adding a family heirloom (that “something old” you’ve been looking to incorporate!)?  Maybe you want embroidery on your garter, such as your new initials, wedding date, or a romantic quote? It is totally up to you.


And finally, instead of overthinking it, go with your gut. A garter should be a fun choice, not a stressful one. At the end of the day, no one else has to see it, it doesn’t have to match your dress, or coordinate with your wedding colors at all… it can be your (and your groom’s!) little secret. Choose whatever makes you the happiest.

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