Charli and Gibran's wedding day countdown has officially begun!

After 10 months of planning all the details, stressing over the bumps in the road, and praying for good outdoor wedding weather, my wedding weekend has arrived. On Sunday I will meet the man of my dreams at the altar and together we will begin an exciting new chapter in our lives. I can say for sure that I’m so ready to be Mrs. Watkins. But make no mistake, the road to Mrs. has been one paved with love and laughter, some very long days and nights, and a little more drama than I expected. No matter what type of wedding you plan to have, know that getting there is a process. For the most part, I’ve enjoyed mine.

As I approach the finish line, I feel nothing but excitement for what’s to come. (And a little sniffy that my time as a Triple B blogger has come to an end.) It’s been a lot of fun sharing my journey with you all, and I’m thankful for the feedback and support you gave me along the way. I’m signing off now, but if you miss me, you can find me blogging about my life as a rookie wife on my new blog Man Wife and Dog. Before I go, I thought I’d share a recap of my bridal highs and lows. Enjoy, and thanks for the memories!

The Best of Times (My Top 4 Bridal Moments!)

1 – Finding out that the team from TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress loved my gown so much they decided to shoot me trying it on — and my wedding day — for the next season of the show!

2 – Sharing a memorable weekend out on the town with my closest friends for my Sex and the City themed bachelorette extravaganza. We’ll never forget that Saturday night!

3 – Watching my dad get misty eyed the first time he saw me try on my dress.

4 – Writing my own special vows to the man I love and can’t wait to marry.

My Worst of Times (My Worst 4 Bridal Moments!)

1 – Having a mini-meltdown over a color swatch while at Priscilla of Boston. (I’m not proud of this.)

2 – Counting the final total of what we’d spent once everything was said and done. (And wondering why we didn’t just elope and use that money to pay off debt and school loans.)

3 – Bickering with a bridesmaid and having to cut her from the roster. Though given her actions I was totally justified, it’s never fun losing a close friend.

4 – Making a grand total of 14 trips to Michael’s, 7 trips to Home Goods, and 4 trips to Target. I’m boycotting these locations for at least a year.

Triple B fam, please join me in wishing Charli a wonderful and blessed wedding day and most importantly a wonderful and blessed marriage. (Trust me, with the week I’ve had; I could easily be cynical about love but I refuse to give up on it, folks!) I know you will miss Charli’s weekly posts but she has promised to share all her wedding day fun in a future Tie the Knot Tuesday post. (YAY!) Now go ahead and leave her a congratulatory comment, please.

Image by Di Bezi Photography