Open up to find out who won a special DREAM WEDDING in NYC!

Bride: Danielle Myers, 34
Groom: Isaac Ward, 39
Myers, health aide/student; Ward, budding entrepreneur
Washington, D.C.
Wedding Date:
July 25, 2010
Wedding Location:
Ceremony and Reception: The Empire Hotel Hotel, New York City

Blessing in Disguise: A horrible incident forced Isaac Ward to stay at a rehabilitation facility in 2007. While there, he met a cute and friendly health aide named Danielle and was immediately smitten. Isaac, who is wheelchair bound, was only scheduled to stay at the facility for 30 days but ended up staying for eight months. The pair became fast friends. “Danielle opened up and let the light in so to speak. She exposed me to more and better things,” he admits. Danielle explains, “Everyone who meets Isaac falls in love with him.” She adds, “He is funny, smart, easy to talk to and handsome.”

We Are Family: Danielle and Isaac enjoyed a platonic friendship for two years before they began dating in 2009. Since they both have children from previous relationships, ensuring that everyone got along well was key — but they soon realized that was the least of their worries. “My kids started asking about her. I just couldn’t let that go,” shares Isaac. Danielle echos this sentiment, “My kids really took to Isaac when they met him. Everything just felt right.”

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Please enjoy the couple’s touching wedding video!

Man with a Plan: When Isaac began to wonder about married life with his sweetie, his mother sealed the deal by reminding him of what a good woman Danielle is. “She told me, ‘You better recognize!'” remembers Isaac with a laugh. Soon after Isaac officially proposed to Danielle and she happily accepted. Then, Isaac entered them into an exciting contest with Carolee Jewelry and The Knot. The winner of the contest received a $40K all-expense paid wedding. “Isaac wanted me to have a nice wedding,” Danielle reflects. She adds, “He does so much in his position that men who aren’t can’t or won’t do.” After receiving nearly 3,000 votes online, Danielle and Isaac won the contest and a chic wedding and reception in New York City!

Dreams Do Come True: Before 60 guests and a bridal party of nine, Danielle and Isaac became husband and wife. The couple had numerous monumental highlights throughout the day. Award-winning R&B group Dru Hill performed during their ceremony, Danielle surprised her new hubby with a Lakers groom’s cake in support of his favorite NBA team and the couple adorned each reception table with lyrics from their favorite love songs. The pair included the “four elements” in their ceremony as well by tasting something bitter, sweet, sour and hot. “It is an African Yoruba tradition that symbolizes the various ups and downs of marriage,” explains Danielle. She also shares, “I’m looking forward to my future with Isaac. He’s my best friend.”

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