Pantone's Color of the Year: Honeysuckle!

Last week Sean and I realized our original wedding theme and colors weren’t working. We felt the colors didn’t represent us. So over a good bottle of South African wine, I read up on the importance of theme and color and we regrouped. Sean happens to be a design guru — he has a degree in architecture. And as you remember from his “Sean-In-Law” video, he’s also quite the comedian. You can imagine how silly things got. To be fair, he’s very talented and has improved our living space, but when he gets in design mode…look out! You should see him in IKEA. I digress. Finding it hard to choose your theme or colors? Here’s what the experts say:

Choose Your Theme First. Your theme ties your wedding together and will guide your decisions for your wedding. It should suit your personalities so have fun with it! Popular themes: informal/formal, traditional/modern, seasonal, romantic, or a beach theme.

Once you have a vision of what you want your wedding to “look like”, you can then begin focusing on what you’ll need to buy and/or make, plus have a better understanding of what vendor arrangements are needed.

Pick A Color, Any Color. Once you’ve got your theme, it’s time to choose your colors. They set the tone for your day and should compliment your theme so it’s important to choose wisely.

What is the time of year your wedding will take place (winter, spring, summer, fall)? The colors of the season are a great guide for finding your wedding colors.

What kind of space will be used for the ceremony and reception (indoor/outdoor, ballroom, casual)? Some venues are blank spaces—ideal for decorating to your exact specifications. But some spaces have a fixed look that can’t be changed (colored carpet or wallpaper), which could clash with the colors you may have in mind.

Seek inspiration all around you. Your colors should suit your personality. How is your home decorated? What is your favorite shade of lip gloss? Taking inspiration from everyday life is a great way to spotlight your personality in your wedding. Need more help? Pick up fashion and home decor magazines or check out this color wheel.

Here’s a few subtle ways to infuse color into your ceremony, décor and reception venue:

•                 Your wedding gown and bridal accessories: Wearing a ribbon or sash with your wedding gown? Select one with a shade closest to your wedding colors. Try a jeweled hairpiece, gloves or another bridal accessory to spotlight your style.

•                 The wedding party: Break up the monotony of your bridesmaids’ dresses and groomsmen vests. Have them wear varying dress styles of the same color.

•                 Wedding stationary: If your cardstock is stark white or ecru, embellishments like ribbons, pressed flowers and colored envelopes liners are little ways to use color with your stationary.

•                 Florals: Instead of mounds of monochromatic arrangements, intersperse complimentary shades to give bouquets and other flowers a delicate balance of color.

•                 Reception decor: Centerpieces, tablecloths and runners, drapes, lighting and chair covers are great design elements for displaying color.

•                 Wedding favors: Have your “thank you” treats packaged in unique boxes or fancy ribbons that play up your color scheme.

•                 Catering: Aside from the wedding cake, there are other ways catering can showcase your wedding colors – like signature cocktails or a colorful dessert table.

Looking for a fun color tool? Try Pantone Wedding. Pantone and Dessy, a manufacturer of bridesmaid, special-occasion and flower-girl dresses offers a collection of color tools to help brides achieve a color-coordinated wedding.

As for the theme and colors we chose, I’m afraid I can’t say.  I will say that it feels amazing to have something in place that embodies our vibrancy, our love of life and each other!

Have you picked your wedding theme and colors?  What were the best and worst wedding themes/colors you’ve seen?