Function + Fashion = Dessy Wedding Flats

Attending wedding receptions are enjoyable for a myriad of reasons: getting to break bread with loved ones, emotional toasts and the sweat-inducing dancing. It is truly a beautiful thing. But if you’ve been on your feet for the better part of the day as a member of the bridal party, chances are by Soul Train line time you’ve long kicked off your 3-inch heels. Wouldn’t it be cool to finally have a pair of flats that actually matched your dress in times like these? Well, Triple B fam — there is!

The folks over at (if you’re planning a wedding and haven’t checked out their site, please do so ASAP) offer these ballet flats in a rainbow of colors, including bridal white and ivory. The duchess satin shoes are also sold with a reusable shoe bag — all for less than $30. I also think they are ideal for a junior bridesmaid to wear throughout the ceremony and reception while still looking age-appropriate. (I’m a sucker for a cute ballet flat y’all.) For more info and/or to purchase a pair, click here.

Have a great weekend, everyone!